WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS Every tech enthusiasts favourite, and why not, it provides several features to create a website or blog within a few hours. Like other technological products, WordPress CMS also has its flaws, though, most of the problems can be resolved by optimizing your WordPress site frequently or by taking the help of WordPress optimization services but they are chargeable.

Here is the list of 12 most things related to WordPress and their solutions:

No Automatic Backup Feature

WordPress by default doesn’t provide an automatic backup feature with its CMS.’Though it is one of the best CMS available to create a website, it heavily depends on developers all over the world to provide the piece of software’s called plugin for all the important tasks. You are supposed to do it manually every time you want to take a backup.

Taking manual backup can be a very frustrating task as you are supposed to take a backup of your system each and every day. It is one of those crucial tasks which comes quite handy if in any case you lose your data due to hacking or the server crashed.


As we have mentioned above, WordPress CMS provides plugins for almost every task so you can simply install and activate an automatic backup plugin to do this task. There are plenty of free automatic backup plugins available to install and few of them are BackupBuddy, UpdraftPlus and BackWPUp.

No Option to Automatic Update WordPress Core Files & Plugin

Plugins are like souls to WordPress. When you create a website or blog using WordPress CMS, most of the crucial tasks, like taking an automatic backup, Security, SEO, Removal of Spammy Content, Building Contact Page and many more features depend on plugins.

Though plugins are very much important to make your website more productive, there is no option to automatic update plugins & themes of WordPress. You have to do it manually. Outdated plugins are one of the top reason why a website gets hacked.

Hackers can easily find a security vulnerability to hack your website if they find out the website owner is using an outdated plugin. Same goes for WordPress core files, though you get a pop-up in case a major update is released for WordPress core files, for minor updates, you regularly have to check WordPress dashboard pages to manually install the updates.


By making some changes in your wp-config.php file you can enable an auto update plugins and themes option. And perhaps the best solution is to go for WordPress speed optimization services who will manage everything from backup to update of your WordPress core files, plugins & themes.

WordPress Common Errors

Admit it, if you are running a website using WordPress CMS for some time, you might have come across the common errors like Internal Server Error, Syntax or WSOD on your website. These errors can be quite frustrating as they do not hamper your search engine ranking, but they can also steer away from your customers if not resolved earlier.


Most of the WordPress common errors occurred due to below reasons:
Low PHP Memory
Plugin Compatibility Issue
Theme Compatibility Issue
Corrupt wp-config.php file

All of the above issues you can easily resolve by simply doing a Google search.

No Restrictions Against Unlimited Login Attempts

The main reason why Brute force attack happens due to no limitations against login attempts as WordPress by default doesn’t limit this. Hackers use automatic bots to get your WordPress admin account credentials by trying a trial and error method.


The first thing you should do after creating a website on WordPress CMS is limiting the’login attempts. To do this, install WP Limit Login Attempts plugin on WordPress. Also, use Captcha verification as an extra layer of security to secure the login page of your admin account.

Shortcodes Not Working With Widgets

Shortcodes are very important and they allow you to add functionality in text areas without writing a single line of code. But unfortunately, shortcodes do not support text widgets by default in WordPress.


The easiest solution to resolve this to add the below code in your WordPress
function.php file:

This code will allow WordPress to support shortcodes in a text widget. You can also install a plugin named Shortcode Widget using your WordPress admin dashboard for this task.

Too Many Badly Coded Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress CMS. Thanks to its open source policy anyone whether he is a developer or not can submit a plugin on WordPress. This practice leads to too many badly coded plugins which can break your website or create a security issue for your website.


To resolve this issue, before installing a plugin review each and every plugin by doing online research. Read reviews about the plugin on several websites and if possible, only install and activate the premium plugins.

Lack of a Decent Image Gallery

WordPress doesn’t provide a decent image gallery and lacks lots of features like tagging, album, lightboxes and many more.


There are several image gallery plugins available to install on WordPress. To create a beautiful image gallery, you can install the Envira Gallery Plugin. It has lots of features which WordPress image gallery lacks

Limited Visual Editor

Visual editor in WordPress is not customizable and it is very simple and plain. You also cannot include custom coding in the visual editor and you can see only the main content on a single page but not the whole page itself.


Thankfully, a plugin named TinyMCE Advanced is available on WordPress to download which will resolve all your above issues.

An Annoying Pre-Installed Plugin

The dolly plugin comes pre-installed with WordPress. This plugin never gets an update and takes unnecessary space in WordPress.


You can simply remove this plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard Plugin option and after finding the plugin, click on remove/delete plugin option.

Spammy Comments

We have mentioned this in our previous articles also, spammy comments is a big headache for any website owner. They can harm your product rating and also can affect your SEO ranking.


To filter comment spamming, install Akismet and also create a Captcha in your website comment feature to avoid bots commenting on your website.

Broken Links

Broken or dead links are a common problem with every website. They cannot be avoided and WordPress doesn’t provide any option repair or delete them automatically. This can hamper your SEO ranking as well as the visitors will also lose the trust on your website.


To avoid this, use a Google Webmaster tool which is free and will allow you to find the list of links which are broken or dead. You can also use W3C link checker or Broken Link Checker.

No Tree View

Tree view refers to check the full preview of a website along with its structure and pages link together. WordPress currently does not provide this feature which is very important if you are creating lots of static pages.


This problem can easily be resolved by installing a CMS Tree page view plugin which gives you an option to drag and drop and easily rearranging the menus.

Changing Username

Once you configure and install WordPress on your system, you cannot change the username easily. There is no easy option to do this.


To change a username, simply visit on your WordPress dashboard and find the Users option on the left side of the menu. From this screen, delete your old username and click on “Attribute all content”. Once done, now you enter a new username.


No technical product can be 100% satisfactory for every user. But there are some Best Elementor WordPress Theme that is too good and you can use them. WordPress has a solution for every problem related to your website or blog.