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Why is writing life wonderful?

Because the professionals who are in the writing life, they take a moment, close their eyes, thinks about the topic which truly engages readers and they have the passion to give life to there content. They create the whole world and characters completely real to their readers.

We at Tipscrew, heartily welcome the above personality to put their idea in their written voice.

Please don't publish your article without reading our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Go through our site “Tipscrew” once before to get proper sense for the types of blog we publish.

As you can observe, our posts cover all area of niche, including Marketing, Technology, Education and many more.

Yeah Sure! Angle your idea by emailing our managing editor at info@tipscrew.com.

Important Note: We can’t guarantee publication though until we review a complete submission of an article. We are glad to evaluate your idea before you get to writing.

Please grant up to one or two weeks for our managing editor to respond your idea.

  • Please support your advice on personal experience or stories with appropriate example.
  • The post must be written in blog style, with a numbered list, bullet, short paragraphs and lots of white space.
  • Please add headings and subheadings will be appreciated.
  • Single space must be there after each and every full stop.

Use Google document to submit your post.

We use Google Docs because it permits us to easily collaborate with several people without offering a new version of Word Document. If you have never shared a Google Doc before, then here are simple and easy Steps to guide you.

Length of content should be minimum 700 words, preferred content length is 1000+ words.

Yes, Please add quality links that will be really helpful and relevant for the reader or users- they can be an appropriate article on your site or on any other news site or blog.

  1. One link will be allowed in content with 600 words.
  2. Two Links will be permitted in content with 1200+words.
  3. No HTML code will be permitted in your post. So please insert your links in your copy via anchor text or keywords.

Yes sure, we will edit your post for content and clarity, doing our best preserve your idea and opinions. You’ll be able to see changes in your Google Doc and we will regularly work with you a few weeks ahead of your publishing date on edits.

No. If we run your post on the Tipscrew, we retain the rights to that content. We won’t allow republishing on your site or any other websites.


Note: Republishing content can harm SEO traffic results for everyone involved.

We reserve the right to not publish your post if we decide it’s not a strong fit for our site that is “Tipscrew”. Then, you are free to publish it else where.

No need. We will add one.

If you want to add a photo to your content then use free images. You can get free images from Pexels or Pixabay.

Yes, our system uses your email to grab your headshot from Gravatar, So make sure your image must be uploaded there.

When your post get published, then we hope you will be active in the comments, responding to questions or thoughts of readers. We also hope you will share your post on social media sites.

So Be Ready to Point Your Writing Skills in form of Informative Contents.

Before you complete your submission, Please check out this Important things.

  • Add your name, website, email and Twitter handle to the top of your post
  • Add bio at the top of your post
  • Turn your post into an editable form of Google Doc.

How To Share Your Articles?

You can easily contribute your blog content in a separate word file with meta description and image on mentioned below mail id.

Share your article at contact@mediatomo.com

Note: If you don’t follow the guidelines by mistake then your content will be published by admin with removing your author bio.