Neutralizing a perfume odor can be an annoying and challenging task. It especially becomes a necessary task, when it sticks on a surface or the skin for longer than usual. While we use perfume or cologne, typically we do not know how strong and long-lasting it can be. Generally, a strong odor occurs when we accidentally spray too much perfume or any aromatic product on our body, clothes, or in general any surface. In such scenarios, one question that we all wonder is how to neutralize perfume odor.

If you are dealing with a strong aroma containing perfume, from a previous occupant, there are several methods you can try for neutralizing perfume odor. Some of them can be done with simple and easy home remedies or common household items such as vinegar while others might require some extra effort. By using a few tricks and methods, you can try creating an odor-free fresh environment.

In this blog, we will learn about how to get rid of the perfume smell. But before that let’s understand the phenomenon behind the saif odor.

Understanding The Science Behind Perfume Odor

In general, a perfume or scent is an aromatic mixture made with a combination of several ingredients, notes, and other volatile compounds. It evaporates in the air after spraying, leaving a sticking smell behind. However, this smell can be pleasant for a particular time but can be unpleasant and overwhelming at the same time. Then the challenge of neutralizing perfume odor arises.

Tips on How To Neutralize Perfume Odor: 

Here, we have shared a few tested methods for removing or neutralizing the unpleasant perfume aroma. These tips, methods, and tricks can help with immediate relief.

Here are a few methods for different types of surfaces:

  • Soft surfaces such as fabrics and carpets

To neutralize the perfume odor from these surfaces, you can try baking soda and activated charcoal.

Baking Soda – Baking soda is a perfect odor neutralizer that can help with carpet or any fabric surface where the perfume smell sticks. You should allow the fabric or carpet to sit for at least 30 minutes to absorb the odor of baking soda, then vacuum thoroughly.

Activated Charcoal – Take the required amount of activated charcoal and apply in the affected areas. It is known to have excellent odor-absorbing characteristics.

  • Hard surfaces such as furniture, floors etc.

If you are trying to neutralize the perfume odor from hard surfaces, you can try vinegar solutions or citrus peels.

White Vinegar Solutions – Take a bowl and mix white vinegar with water in it. Now, whip down the hard surfaces using a cloth or wiping item. Vinegar is a strong odor neutralizer that leaves a fresh smell behind.

Citrus Peels – Citrus, such as orange or lemon, can help remove annoying and unpleasant odors. Leave the citrus peels on the hard surface. These peels are rich in natural deodorizing properties that leave behind a pleasant smell.

  • Aerial or airborne odors

If you want to neutralize the perfume smell from a room, you can try coffee grounds or lemon mist.

Lemon Juice Mist – Take a container and mix lemon juice with water. Now, use it as a mist to refresh the air of your room.

Coffee Grounds – Place coffee grounds around your room in different places. Coffee has an absorbing property that can help neutralize odor and provide a fresh, natural aroma.

  • Air purifiers

Air purifiers can work well for neutralizing the lingering odor from a room or a larger place. Also, these can help with maintaining the air quality.

Tested Quick Tips for Immediate Relief

You can try these alternatives for the above-mentioned tricks.

Ventilation – Open doors and windows to allow access to the fresh air circulation. This process can be beneficial for decreasing the concentrated aroma of a perfume in the air.

Fan – To improve the air circulation, you can use air fans, but strategically.

Cautions You Should Be Aware of

Before applying any neutralization method or tips to a large affected area, try it in a small space. It will help to ensure compatibility and also can help to avoid possible potential damages.

Sometimes, removing the strong perfume odor may take longer, so you should stay calm and patient. To avoid odor issues in the future, you should try perfumes in well-ventilated places for next time.


Neutralizing perfume odor can be perfectly done with targeted and tested solutions, tricks, tips, and methods. These methods may vary for different types of surfaces. By learning and understanding the nature of perfume odors, you can apply a variety of neutralizing methods mentioned above.