How do I Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter

Clutter accumulation is common across all households. It doesn’t matter if you do thorough cleaning – even deep cleaning. Unfortunately, many don’t just know how to deal with clutter in the right way. By just a dial to the junk removal service, you can get rid of all that clutter.

Clutter affects the appearance of your house and eats up your space. In addition, it can reduce your productivity to a great extent. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can use for junk removal.

Here are some of the best:


One way to deal with clutter is tossing. You can do this to broken items, those that are outdated, ripped or have parts missing out. Examples of items to toss include the following:

·       Worn out clothing and linens.

·       Broken kids’ toys.

·       Expired food.

·       Old crafts.

·       Broken jewelry.

·       Receipts and other unnecessary papers.


Donation is always a feasible option for junk removal. It’s easy and costs you nothing. Since there are many charitable organizations, it would be wise to consider those closest to you. It becomes easier to deliver the items to them if they’re close. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if they offer free pick up services.

There’s a thin line between what someone can donate and what they can’t. Different charitable organizations have their standards on what’s donate-able. Be sure to check their website for further clarification.

Donation can also help you save some extra coins from your tax. Be sure to keep the documents and receipts safe till the time comes.

Hire a Junk Removal Service

Different companies have specialized in picking up different types of junk. Some are experts in furniture removal, while others have a distinct specialty in electronics removal. A huge majority also offers general junk removal services.

Before hiring a junk removal service, do your research well and check their websites thoroughly. Also, be as detailed as possible when providing information about your clutter. This will help the company determine the rough estimates for the service.

Lastly, as you hire a junk removal service, check how they dispose of items. We can’t stress this enough – choose a company that disposes waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Hire a Dumpster

Dumpster rentals St George Utah are effective for junk removal. When you’re dealing with a manageable size of clutter, it’s easier to go the dumpster way. Once you’re ready to begin decluttering, contact a junk removal company to send you a dumpster.

Depending on the amount of clutter you describe, they’ll send in a container that can fit your needs. The best part is that you have about a week with it. Take your time and call them once you’re done with the clutter removal. Avoid filling the dumpster to the brim, as this will probably attract a fine or extra fee.

Take it to the Landfill

How far are you located from the landfill? If close, then this might be your best shot at junk removal. They accept almost anything that passes as junk. However, they may fail to accept bulky items, and this is something you should confirm beforehand.

Factor in the transportation of the items. You might have to go several trips in case you have a huge load of clutter. Alternatively, contact a reliable service to come and pick up the items for disposal at the landfill.

Consider Taking the Clutter to a Used Household Goods Store

What type of clutter do you have in your house? Is it reusable? If it is, then consider taking it to a used household goods store. They take anything from household appliances to clothing and furniture.

You can transport the items to their store or request them to come and pick them up. Again for this option, you’ll need to ensure that the item isn’t faulty. Most of these used household goods stores resell these items. Their staff will check all of the items for quality assurance.

Local furniture shelters may easily accept used furniture but fail to take in clothes. Therefore, check for compatibility and find out what the store takes in beforehand.

Sell Online or Offline

This is another effective junk removal option. You can decide to sell it on Craigslist or any other online website linking buyers to sellers. You’ll be shocked at just what can go online. People sell anything, with the exception of used diapers maybe.

Offline, you can sell clutter you don’t need by organizing a garage sale. Plan with your local neighborhood if they already have dates fixed for the sale. If not, you can plan your own and send invites to your neighbors. You’ll be surprised that what you don’t find useful is gold to someone else.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, find the ideal junk removal method here that works best for you. We would advise going with the junk removal company way as this works best.