Straight on, yes, you can. When it comes down to furniture removal, you have a ton of options on the table. Donation is one of the best methods of furniture removal. Why throw away an item when it can help someone else?

Provided the piece of furniture is in good, or rather usable condition, you can always give it to charity. You’ll feel better knowing that even though you didn’t need it, someone else loves it. Besides, you’ll have killed two birds with a single stone. There’ll be no more clutter inside your house.

While donating is easy and direct, there are a few things you’ll need to note when using a furniture removal company.

The Condition of the Item

How good is the piece of furniture? Is it broken, or does it work fine? Even though it’s a donation, it’s still important that you deliver something that works fine. Yes, it may be old, and that’s not a problem. However, if it’s totally written off, then how will it help someone else? Besides, you’re donating the piece so it can help another person.

It’s unethical to intentionally pass along your faulty items to a charitable organization in the name of donation. If it’s in a terrible condition, it would be best to take it to the landfill or leave it with the furniture removal company.

Someone might be in need, but you can’t just donate ‘anything’ to them. There’s a very thin line between donation and dumping. You need to tell the difference. Try and use your best discretion when analyzing stuff you can donate to charity. Otherwise, contact the leadership of the charitable organization, so that they can evaluate the condition first.

Arrange for the Furniture Removal Company to Pick It up Early Enough

Some organizations organize a free pick up of the donated item. This can be a great way of getting rid of the piece of furniture you have at no cost. However, not all charity groups will come and pick up the donation themselves. Therefore, you might have to contact a furniture removal company to come and pick up the donation.

You’ll need to liaise with the organization and note down the day they want the donation to reach their premises. Thereafter, you can make necessary arrangements with the furniture removal company.

Remember to Keep Records

There’s a reason why we stated earlier in the text that donation is a great option to use. Did you know that you can get a break on your income taxes just by donating to charity? However, you’ll need to prove that you really have donated something to get this break. Therefore, remember to keep all the records of donations you make.

If possible, request a receipt for every item that you donate. Keep records close and wait until tax time to get a break.

Estimate the Value of Each Item

This is important not just for the income tax relief as stated above, but also to know how much is going to the charitable organization. In case of any discrepancies, you’ll always have a clue of what value the donation was.

Consider the Most Suitable Charitable Organization

They say charity begins at home. Most people end up donating their stuff to organizations found far away from their homes. The downside to this is that you’re forgetting those around you, and that you’ll spend more. Taking a set of sofas to an organization several miles away from your home will cost more in fees from the furniture removal company.

Therefore, it would be best to choose an organization within your locality. In addition, try and match the organization’s theme with the type of donation. For instance, would it be appropriate to donate furniture to a food bank? Different charity groups take different items.

However, some organizations take in everything as donation. This could be a better option if you don’t know how to narrow down to a specific charity group.

Take Note of Everything You Don’t Need

There’s no need to donate some stuff, only to realize later on that you have left something out. Take time and note down everything that needs to go. Before calling furniture removal experts, make sure you declutter your house. If possible, arrange for a dumpster to collect everything that you don’t need.

Get Professional Help from the Furniture Removal Company

What many people tend to forget easily is the bulky nature of furniture. If you have several sets needing disposal, make sure you have enough manpower. You don’t want to break your back by removing them from your house.

You could even request the furniture removal company to send in a few extra staff who can help you out, if the load is too much.

Final Thoughts

Donating furniture to charity is a noble thing to do. Besides, it saves you the hustle of disposing of the pieces of furniture. It’s very possible for a furniture removal company to offer you a hand in transporting the pieces to the right charity group.