DirecTV App software is most useful for easy access to our tv or any device with the help of Firestick. It does not require any subscription and no extra charge to any DIRECTV users. You will have DIRECTV package channel TV Everywhere. That provides ideas on how to watch shows and videos on any device. If you connect this software to firestick then your work can be easy.

Installation process DirecTV App on Firestick:

You can easily install the DIRECTV app from the google play store and IOS app store. After the installation, you enjoy a world of movies, shows, and entertainment. DirecTV App Accessing is very easy.

  • Simply go to the google app store
  • Search on the search bar option “DIRECTV”.
  • Download and install.

The DIRECTV users can download the free DIRECTV app on these devices to enjoy their favorite TV show and movie:

  • iPhone, iPad, Any Android phone  or tablet 

 How to Start:

Users normally start the DIRECTV app on Firestick by following some easy steps. If you follow the below-mentioned steps then you can easily start your Firestick.

  1. Firstly you connect your TV or mobile device to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. After that you open the DIRECTV app on your device.
  3. Choose the show that you want to watch.
  4. Click the home button and click on the cast icon.
  5. Select the TV or your particular device that is shown to you.

Supporting device:

More devices compatible with the DIRECTV app to enjoy tv shows or entertainment. Firestick easily connects to the DIRECTV app and Firestick easily accessed your list of four devices.


  • Amazon fire tv, Apple tv, Android tv, Sony tv, Windows, LG tv, Samsung tv
  • DIRECTV not support with some devices 

Like: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.


Many advantages are available in this app because Firestick connects very easily on the DIRECTV app and after connecting your work is done very easily in firestick.

  • It is very usable software to handle your office and home media.
  • You can see it on-demand or at the best tv live.
  • Users download free recordings to watch.
  • Users can find more packages on the DIRECTV website.

How to software Remote with DIRECTV:

Your remote can control a maximum of four devices. 

These are TV, game consoles, audio system, and DVD player. 

At the bottom of the remote, you find ‘mode switch’. Mode switch gives you a way to control your device. You also access your TV volume, media. It also includes the DIRECTV package. This app turns your tv on and automatically controls the volume then you watch a movie or game. Users also use this remote to arrange tv settings and access.

You remote DIRECTV program for:

  • HD DVR or HD Receiver
  • DVR or SD

If you use HD DVR or HD Receiver

Follow these steps:

  • Click on the menu.
  • Setting and helping.
  • Then setting.
  • Click the remote control.
  • Select the device which you run.
  • Steps follow the on screen programming in your remote.

You use DVR or SD

Follow those steps:

  • Click the menu button.
  • Select Parental Favourites and setup.
  • Then system setup.
  • Select Remote and Remote Control.
  • Select the device.
  • Complete your program you chose prompts.

You need additional code if your remote is not listed, and this code is a five-digit lookup code for your device. It is available on many different sites on social media like youtube and Facebook. You also chat and call to use this. DIRECTV also accepts online shopping and orders for salling.