Injuries are part of human life. Though it’s easier to deal with scrapes and bruises, sometimes injuries can affect your spine and back. According to a study, more than 67 million Americans suffer from back pain. This means that there are several people who experience spine and back issues in every American town, and New Hartford is no exception.

If you are suffering from any back or spine issues, it is vital that you consult an orthopedist New Hartford CT,to get the proper treatment for your back pain as soon as possible.

Tips To Find The Right Orthopedist

However, if you haven’t been to an orthopedist before, it can be difficult to choose the right one. These five smart tips will help you find the best orthopedists in New Hartford:

Ask for recommendations

One of the best ways to find the right orthopedist is by taking recommendations from your friends and family. Someone who has already dealt with back pain and has consulted a spine surgeon before can guide you in the right direction.

Though it won’t be the same as asking for recommendations for buying a car or a shirt, there is a chance that someone you know, be it family, friends, or co-workers, has consulted an orthopedist before. They’d readily recommend their orthopedist if they were satisfied with the service.

Check reviews and testimonials

Today, medical health centers and practitioners post customer reviews on their websites, social media, and medical review forums.

You can check the reviews of different orthopedists before you finalize one. The reviews will give you more insights into their location, way of working, past medical experience, and expertise.

Verify their experience

The average cost of spine injury treatment in New Hartford is around $100,000, including post-operation expenses. That means you have to be 100% sure that you need spine surgery before spending that kind of money.

A wrong diagnosis can not only adversely affect your spine health but also leave you with a mountain of debt. Therefore, you need to make sure you consult a highly experienced orthopedist in New Hartford, CT, to ensure the accurate diagnosis of your spine health.

An experienced orthopedist has years of experience performing spine surgeries and has vast knowledge about different spine health conditions. They will ensure you get the correct diagnosis and assist you with further treatment plans.

Verify the credentials and license of the surgeon

It’s crucial to verify their surgeon’s credentials to ensure their legitimacy. They should be certified by the state’s medical board and should be eligible for medical practice in New Hartford.

You can also check the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) to verify their credentials.

If you happen to visit their clinic, you can check whether they have the certificate visible on their clinic wall, or else you can visit the “About” page of their website to know their credentials.

Know where they perform their surgeries

Along with the doctor’s credentials, it’s equally important to find out where they perform their surgeries. Spine surgeons are specialists, and they often practice individually or work with a hospital.

The medical facility should be well-equipped with the latest essential medical equipment and machines. Remember to make sure they have sufficient, qualified personnel employed to take care of all patients.

Choosing the best orthopedist in New Hartford, CT doesn’t have to be difficult, now that you have these great tips on hand. Make sure you consult a highly qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon for the best results.