CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam is the primary certification for IT professionals in Cisco certification system. CCNA certification proves that candidates have basic knowledge and practical skills of network, and lays the foundation for more advanced CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certification.

If you are preparing to take the CCNA certification exam, this article may help you. Here, we will introduce five preparation tips for CCNA certification exam to help you achieve good results in the exam.

Master basic knowledge.

CCNA certification exam covers basic knowledge of network, including TCP/IP protocol, subnet division, network equipment configuration, etc. Therefore, the first step in preparing for the exam is to master the basic knowledge. You can learn basic knowledge by studying textbooks, watching video courses, attending CCNA certification training courses, etc.

Have practical practice.

CCNA certification exam emphasizes practical skills, so practical practice is very important. You can set up a small network in your laboratory to improve your skill level through practical operation.

Take the mock exam.

The mock exam is a good tool for preparing for the exam, which can help you evaluate your level and determine the areas you need to strengthen. The mock exam is similar to the real exam in many aspects, which can help you better understand the difficulty and content of the real exam. You can find the mock exam paper on the online platform or textbook, and practice several times before the real exam to better understand your real level.

Organize the reference materials.

The CCNA certification exam covers a wide range of content, so it is necessary to organize the reference materials into a memorandum that is easy to understand and query. You can organize your reference materials by making notes, excerpting important contents, making mind maps, etc. This can not only help you better review, but also serve as a reference in the exam.

Communicate with others and learn from each other.

Learning is one’s own business, but communication is everyone’s business. More communication and learning with others can help you better understand and absorb knowledge. You can communicate and learn with others by joining professional communities, attending seminars, and communicating with peers. This will not only broaden your knowledge but also help you better understand the actual application.

In addition to the above five exam preparation tips, there are also some other methods, such as doing simulated exercises, watching video courses, etc. In short, preparing for the CCNA certification exam takes a certain amount of time and effort, but as long as you take it seriously and try to implement your learning schedule, you will finally succeed in pass CCNA certification. Remember, every step is very important, from making a study plan to doing exercises, you need to put your heart into it. Only through continuous efforts and improvement of your knowledge level can you achieve excellent results in the CCNA certification exam.