CBD Isolate

CBD isolate comes in a crystallized solid or powder state. It has no taste and smell. It is different from full-spectrum CBD products, which can legally contain up to 0.3 percent THC. Manufacturers extract all the compounds and other substances from the cannabis plant to create CBD isolate, including THC. The process leaves behind pure CBD in crystal form. Manufacturers grind the crystals into a powder for ease of consumption.  

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD powder contains all of the significant components of the cannabis plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Because terpenes and other ingredients are present, the smell and taste of marijuana can be intense. Research has shown that cannabinoids interact with one another to create a more substantial effect than if taken individually. CBD may be thought of as a whole-plant remedy.

What are the benefits?

CBD Isolate

The hemp plant is made up of two parts: CBD and THC. Since it is currently impossible to remove all THC from the hemp plant, CBD isolate removes 99.9% more of the THC. In addition to being used in food and drinks, CBD isolate can also be vaporized.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD, making it the easiest and most effective way to add CBD to your favorite recipes. It has zero taste and odor, so it can easily be added to any food or drink. CBD isolate is becoming more popular in topicals, oils, and other products designed for internal use. If you wish to avoid consuming THC, isolate is the safest way.

Full-Spectrum CBD

The popularity of full-spectrum CBD-rich products is also on the rise. Unlike isolated CBD products, full-spectrum CBD contains around .3% THC— a negligible amount that won’t produce a “high.” Full-spectrum CBD also contains additional cannabinoids and has benefits.

The cannabinoid CBD can potentially have a calming effect on the body. Full-spectrum CBD contains vitamins, essential fats, and proteins that positively impact your body. The cannabinoids CBC, CBDV, and CBG have been found to support various organs in the body.

Although just as effective as the full-spectrum version of cannabidiol, CBD isolate does not have the vitamins and minerals present in the full-spectrum one. While the full-spectrum variant contains traces of THC, it is not likely to appear on a drug test. For the most part, CBD isolate will not work in this situation, but there is a chance it might, so isolate would be a good choice. If you live in a place where cannabis use is highly regulated, isolate may be the best choice for your needs.

What are the Risks?

Full-spectrum CBD

THC content within a federally legal full spectrum CBD powder must be less than 0.3 percent. While this may seem insignificant, if you take enough of a potent enough product, you could be consuming enough to cause impairment. In addition, THC may appear on a drug test.

CBD isolate

If you take CBD isolate, you’ll miss out on the entourage effect, which refers to the potential benefits of cannabinoids working together. But it also means that there are fewer risks involved. However, it has a tendency to interact with other medications that you might be consuming.