As we know that web hosting plays an important role to make a good presence of any website on the internet. Finding the best web hosting can be a difficult task, Nowadays most people are building their website for both personal and business purpose. Hardly few of these become popular then you able to make money by your site. So read this article before hiring any web hosting company. Here we are gonna discuss which web hosting company should you prefer and why.

There is a long list on the internet of those companies who are providing web hosting services and gives such attractive package plans to people. Hostgator, GoDaddy and many other big sites serving the exclusive deals and offers that help to save more money. For example, if you apply Hostgator Coupons while purchasing hosting then it will reduce your cost and provide you a discount.

when you buy a hosting company for your website. if you want to draw the attention of clients towards your site, it’s important to have a strong & reliable website for your business. And it would be good if you choose good hosting deal while you are at it.

How Many Types Of Web Hosting?

Selecting the appropriate web hosting service depends on your website including your resource needs, a number of factors, security requirements, performance demand, server administration, scalability expectations, cost constraints and preferences. So first you have to know what your site is about for and what it’s needs & requirements. You can select right web hosting by knowing how many types of hosting are there and what needs they fulfill to a website.

  • Shared web hosting:

shared hosting is the type of server where you share a server with other websites. It simply means that your website is having a server where many other sites are already hosted. This type of hosting is the simplest and easiest hosting on the market. And because it comes with limited bandwidth, performance capabilities, and administration. It will be more inexpensive for you than any other hosting. If your website’s need is basic then you should go with shared web hosting, this is perfect for the small sites.

  • VPS hosting:  

here if you choose VPS hosting you will find greater customization preferences and high performance. It can be expensive but you will get more bandwidth and private disk space, more safety features, better performance and complete control for increasing or decreasing your data setup. This kind of hosting is suitable for that creative business website which is growing. Here you can experience that services which are beyond basic and shared hosting level.

  • Dedicated Server:

 if you are building a huge or complex website then dedicated server is the great option here. There is no compromise environment you don’t have to share your resources, space, and power with anyone. You can experience and can feel like you are having your own computer system.  The dedicated server generally the fastest and most strong options available. So a dedicated server is a perfect pick for huge sites such as e-commerce websites.

Some Best Companies That Are Providing Web Hosting Service

  • Hostgator: one of the leading web hosting company that made web hosting easy and affordable, and gives hosting plans to meet every need. The company provides types of web hosting Shared hosting, Windows hosting, Reseller hosting, KVM VPS hosting, Application hosting, Managed server, Dedicated server, Business Email.
  • DreamHost:  The company makes your website secure, fastest and always up, so that your visitors and search engines trust you. DreamHost provides WordPress hosting, Website builder, Shared hosting, Virtual Private servers, Domain names and Monthly web hosting.
  • Godaddy:  GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting company and even the company is coming with its cheapest web hosting package plans. Here you can find Domains, Websites, WordPress, Hosting, Web security, Online marketing, Email & Office and many more.
  • Bluehost: products that company is providing Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Hosting features.  Bluehost serves you a free domain and free Weebly-based website builder to build a site up to six pages.