How can you feed your Pets Healthy Barf Diet

How can you feed your Pets Healthy Barf Diet

Feeding a pet isn’t an easy task especially when you aren’t very familiar with the basics that what can actually nourish the body of a dog or cat. It is very important to understand the likes and dislikes of a pet. Because it will help you to feed the dog in a better way. There is no doubt that dog demands special attention. However, when you just focus on the diet but not spend time with your pet. Then he may not like to be fed by you.

Well, still some people get confused that whether they should give a fresh meat to pet or a dry food because everyone has a different opinion. But here, in this article, pet owners will surely get the answer that which type of diet will prove good for the health of the dog. The digestive system and body muscles of pets aren’t same as human beings and this is the reason that you cannot feed a pet the food that you like for yourself.

It is true that dry food has proteins which are good but animals are more prone to eat fresh meat because it is a natural process that digestive system of dogs works better when it gets the exact thing that keeps it working in a smooth way.

Full of Nutrients

Raw food is full of nutrients which are not possible to get if you rely on dry food and this is the reason that every pet owner should prefer to feed the dog with fresh food like the meat of animals. Dogs really like to eat the meat of rabbit, chicken, and duck.

Because it is good in taste. Also, it provides plenty of nutrients to pets that improve the nourishment of the body. The dry food usually contains only 15 percent of total nutrients that are present in raw food. Although it is written on most of the cookie packets that they contain plenty of nutrients however the actual quantity varies so it is better to rely on raw food.

Why shouldn’t you rely on Cooked Food?

When the food is cooked, most of the enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are destroyed during the process of cooking due to which, cooked food cannot meet the requirements of a dog’s body. You must know cooked food has fewer nutrients as compared to the fresh meat, so it is obviously necessary to choose healthy barf diet for your pet as otherwise, the pet may face various health issues which will obviously make a dog dull and weak.

Balanced Nutrition

Everybody knows that balanced nutrition is vital to keep a dog healthy.  For this purpose, a dog should be fed with a fine quantity of raw meat, fruits, and some vegetables as well. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats all are necessary for a dog.

So, when you choose the diet of a pet, try to feed in a perfect balance with giving training to pets. Because excessive carbohydrates and fats are also not good for the health of dog whereas lack of nutrients and fats will also affect the health. So, you must focus on the right balance of the diet for the good health of the pet.

Raw Food is good for Taste Buds!

Would you like to eat something that you don’t like? You’ll definitely say No and same is the case with pets because they also not like to eat food that doesn’t suit their taste buds. Well, naturally, dogs like to eat raw food rather than cookies, and other dry food.

However, if you still feel like fresh meat isn’t that good. Then, other best option is to shallow fry the meat. Because in that case, you can retain most of the nutrients and carbohydrates which is good to maintain the health of pets. More on, you can also cook the vegetables and meat in steam. Because when you cook food in steam, germs are killed and the actual vitamins and fats are also retained.

Do not rely on Unpasteurized Milk!  

If you think that milk should also give in the raw form. Then you need to re-think because unpasteurized milk has a lot of germs which will definitely cause different diseases. Dogs and cats can stay healthy until their digestive system work in a proper way. But when germs prevail in the body, the whole body of pets affected. It takes almost two to three weeks to recover.

Well, to kill bacteria, you must boil the milk and mix it with some nut milk like coconut milk, sesame milk, and almond. Milk to improve the taste of dogs. More on, when cow milk is mix with coconut and almond milk. It strengthens the body muscles and teeth of a dog. So, you should try to feed your dog unpasteurized milk to maintain the health of pet in an appropriate way.