How To Use A Best Tens Unit For Lower Back Pain

How To Use A Best Tens Unit For Lower Back Pain

TENS, when expanded, is known as the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit used for treating pain. It is a battery powered, portable, and small device. A TENS unit utilizes safe and low electric signals for the management of pain.

The electrodes are sticky pads that are put on the skin. The work of the TENS unit is, to transmit electric signals that are painless using the electrodes in the direction of the nerves found under the skin. It depends on the location and type of the pain that the electrodes are placed at the region.

Only the expert will demonstrate you the place where the sticky pads are to be placed and better settings for you.

 Using a TENS unit

First of all, it is necessary to test the battery of the device to make sure the battery is fully charged. The best TENS units are provided with two control knobs. One of the control knobs is meant to regulate the electric signals either weak or strong.

The other one is needed to set the electric signals slow or fast. It is necessary to switch the control knob off before starting. Rub the part of the skin with rubbing alcohol to clean it at the area where the electrodes are to be positioned. Wait to dry up the skin. Smear with a thin film of gel the bottom of each sticky pad or electrode. By this way, the electric signal is aided in reaching the nerves that are lying beneath the skin.

Position the electrodes on the area of the skin and utilize medical tape or some sticky patch that will wrap the electrodes. In this way, the electrode is tightly held close to the skin. In case you are not able to reach the region for placement of the electrodes, seek help from someone.

After it, fasten the pin connectors with the end of every electrode wires about electrodes. Then the electrode wires are put into the physical therapy Tens units. Slowly set the control knob at the accurate setting. The patient will get a tingling kind of feeling. Either put the Tens unit in your pocket or hook it to the belt.

 After the TENS treatment

Revolve the control knobs in the direction of off position. Electrode wires are unplugged from the device. Leave the sticky pads or electrodes on the skin, in case you have to undergo another round of Tens treatment shortly. Take away the electrodes if not needed for treatment soon.

It is necessary to wash the site of the skin as to where electrodes were positioned. Use soap for cleaning the electrodes and wash away the gel thoroughly. It is not advised to wash the electrodes with alcohol as it may harm the rubber that is placed on the electrodes.

In case the electrode gets damaged replace it with a new one as it won’t stick properly to the skin. Take out the used battery from the Tens unit and put charged the battery in its place. Put the battery on the charge to make it ready for next treatment.

Let your expert know if there is a twitch in your muscles at the time of treatment. It indicates that the signals from the Tens unit are very fast or very strong. In case you do not feel tickling at all, tell the expert. Thus, It shows that the signal can be slow or weak concerning required amount.