Many individuals experience this problem, whether you are giving a public speech or a presentation in your classroom or office. You tend to lose your confidence and become speechless when you have to speak with another person or a group of people.


Losing self-confidence is a psychological phenomenon, which de-motivates you from inside and you just become dumb. Many individuals have surely been through this once in their lives. However, if you are one of those who feels insecure or hesitates to speak and talk in front of other people, this blog can help with the secrets to boost your self-confidence and throw away the fear, insecurities, hesitation, and de-motivation.

How you can improve your self-confidence

If you are among those who have a phobia speaking in front of other people or a crowd, here are some useful tips that can help you gain self-confidence and overcome the fear or embarrassment.

1. Quit over-thinking

One of the major enemies of self-confidence is over-thinking. If you are constantly thinking about unnecessary things, you will not be able to speak up in front of people. You just need to relax your mind, take deep breaths and give it a go!

2. Practise before a mirror

This is a very common practice. People who are into a stage drama, practice their dialogues by standing before a mirror. This method of delivering your speech actually motivates you from within. Once you start talking or speaking while standing in front of a mirror, you will find this smooth and easy to let your words out of your mouth.

3. Have the knowledge

Knowledge is a bliss. Therefore, before you start off in front of others, you must first prepare yourself well. Whether you engage in a group discussion or a public speech, having knowledge about what you are going to speak is important. This will not only boost your confidence, you will have people actually listening to you, and not just hearing what you are speaking.

In other words, you simply have to be smart when it comes to participating in talks or giving a solo speech.

4. Stay positive all the time

It is important that you keep a positive mind all the time. A person can do a lot if his or her mind is positive. For this, you just need to believe in yourself. Bear positive thoughts in your mind to get the best results.

5. Keep yourself well-groomed

Usually, people do not give interest to shabby-looking persons. For this reason, you must dress neat and tidy. Thus, you will not only have confidence appearing in front of the people, you will be appreciated by people as well.

The character of a person is judged by their physical appearance, behavior, and tone. So, make a habit of dressing up well and keep yourself tidy all the time. You may never know if you encounter somebody and the person starts to have a conversation with you. You will not have the fear or embarrassment to speak even with the strangers.

6. Always be determined

All it takes is determination. You must never feel disappointed. Instead, gather the willingness of doing what you can. This will give you a push to bring out your inner strength. You will then, be able to face the people and speak openly without any fear or hesitation.

Self-confidence is your key to success

It is true that if you want to achieve something in your life, you must have confidence and the will to do it.