Ocean Reef Aria UK Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef Aria UK Full Face Snorkel Mask

Passionate snorkelers definitely look for the best gear to improve their experience even further. If you are one of the lots, Ocean Reef Aria is what you are looking for. With improved designs and enhanced features, this mask takes away all your snorkeling fears and problems, assuring you the best time under water.

Numerous people appreciate the lackadaisical pace of swimming nevertheless square measure procrastinated on for various reasons. Full face swim covers have progressed considerably late to defeating the larger a part of the negatives. one among the foremost recent advancements in swimming is that the full face swims veil.

The Ocean Reef Aria may be an outstanding full cowl that goes way to subjugation a substantial heap of the entanglements of general covers and snorkels. The Ocean Reef Aria likewise contains an additional noteworthy assortment of hues, adornments, and sizes accessible, in distinction with alternative full-face veils.

Sea Reef designed up the most full-face swim veil in a very joint effort with Tribord UN agency initial hit the market with the Tribord Easy breath. there’s no hazing owing to the restricted air flow framework. The course framework, in addition, keeps natural air for inward breath completely isolate from the carbonic acid gas breathed out.

The snorkel lets loose buoy framework that forestalls water from getting into the snorkel once it’s submerged. this suggests not to any extent further irritating water moving into your snorkel.

Full face swim covers have a dropped valve placed within the button zone. On the off probability that somewhat live of water enters the duvet, this may drop away through the jaw valve after you carry your head over the water.

Full face swim covers have a deplete valve situated in the button zone. On the off chance that a little measure of water enters the cover. This will deplete away through the jaw valve when you lift your head over the water.

The material:

The ocean reef Aria UK masks is a Full Face snorkel mask that is made from the premium material- polycarbonate, an unshatterable polymer. This ensures that on impact from the outside, the wearer is protected against injury. The polycarbonate is very sturdy and can withstand high water pressure, making this mask optimal for use deeper under water.

No jaw discomfort!

With the Ocean Reef, Aria UK full face mask gets ready to wave goodbye to the ancient snorkel tube which had to be chewed on. Good riddance! This masks design allows you to breathe easily through your nose, just like you normally would! You can breathe comfortably without feeling restricted or claustrophobic. This translates into a happy, easeful diving. No jaw discomfort, whatsoever!

No more fogging!

The Ocean Reef Aria UK mask is a pretty high tech in terms of managing clarity. The mask is designed in two separate chambers – the top one consists of the lens and the bottom one of the breather. All the exhaled, moisture-laden air stays in the lower chamber, with no passageway to the top. The air is remove from the breather through the mask’s vents, creating no fog in your lens. You can now enjoy a clear, unhesitant view.

Protected against water leaks:

The Ocean Reef Aria UK is a completely leak proof full face snorkel mask which does not let water penetrate through the mask at all! The valves shut close on any incoming water leaving the insides of the mask dry and comfortable. Any water that persists through to the valve is purge back out by the valve itself.

A snug fit, what else do you need!

With its soft and comfortable seal, the mask sits right on your face providing a perfect and secure fit. The size charts on the official website ariasnorkeling.com/ guides you to your ideal size. You won’t have to worry about the mask being too tight or too big.

Clarity like never before!

The Ocean Reef Aria UK Full Face snorkel mask is design with a unique curve lens that gives you a panoramic vision of a lifetime. The lens is crystal clear and the anti-fogging system helps sustain the beautiful vision for you to enjoy. Happy diving!

Record on the Go!

The Ocean Reef Aria UK Full Face snorkel mask comes with an added bonus of a sports camera mount. The mask has a separate dock for you to slide in your GoPro or any sports camera. Just start recording and off you swim.


Ocean Reef Aria UK will give you the best experience under water, making it feel as natural as never before!
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