Popular Beaches

Popular Beaches

The Andaman Islands belong to India and to enter there is necessary to take a permit at the airport, since it is a restricted area. They are paradisiacal islands with transparent waters and coral sands, very similar to the Maldives but without resorts and the exclusivity of the hotels. They are one of the few paradises on Earth, still virgins.
The Andaman has several islands but many are forbidden to foreigners and some even to Indians. Know here about the best beaches in Long Island and Neil Island.

Long Island Beaches

Long island is the ecological destination of the Andaman with mangroves and protected forests. The beaches are much more modest, smaller and less beautiful than those of Havelock but may be a good option for those who want to get to know the traditional Andaman, off the tourist routes. There is only one accommodation that welcomes foreigners on the island, its Blue Planet and on the island everyone will know it’s going there. The beaches of Long Island are not very good for swimming because there are crocodiles. It is the other side of the beaches of the Andaman Islands.

1. Lalaji Bay Beach

Only accessible by boat, this beach is about an hour from Long Island. It’s a good beach for swimming and here you can hire a dinghy, local boat, harbor or hotel.

2. Guitar Island Beach

A 15 minute boat ride from Long Island, the island’s guitar beach is a white sand beach and clear blue water. It’s great for bathing.

3. Blue Planet Beach

This beach is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Blue Planet – a very humble and no-frills backpacker accommodation. They are bamboo huts, in the middle of the forest but they are not individual bungalows. The beach is small but it is the most accessible for anyone who is on Long Island.

Neil Island Beaches

After Havelock, the best beaches on the Andaman Islands are on Neil Island. On this island, the beaches remind Thailand and do not forget that Andaman and Thailand are both in the Andaman Sea.

1. Ramnagar Beach

This is one of the beaches of the most beautiful Andaman Islands with white coral bay and turquoise blue waters. The wooden fishing boats give you an even greater charm. There are a few accommodations available namely the Summer Sands Beach Resort and Holiday Inn Beach Resort Neil Island.

2. Bharatpur Beach

Located 500 meters from the port, this is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The white sands and blue waters make it a beautiful destination for swimming and also to see the corals off. There are no accommodations there so the best option is to stay in Lakshmanpur.

3. Lakshmanpur Beach

In fact this beach is two, I and II, in the sand of Lakshmanpur, north of the port of the island. With transparent waters and pristine white sands, it is great for snorkeling and swimming, on the so-called I beach, and best for snorkeling, on Beach II, as it is rockier. It has beautiful rock formations.

4. Sitapur Beach

Modest and wind-exposed beach, it is beautiful, but more suited to the sunset, since it is open to the high seas which can make the ripples great. There is only one lodging available here; it’s the TSG Aura – a nice option. Apart from beaches, you can visit lots of destinations her. Pick this destination as an option during your trip to India.