web designing

web designing

Instagram today is becoming one of the most influential social media tools today. Majority of the brands chose to market their products through this medium itself. One of the critical reasons why Instagram is a popular and successful platform is due to it’s various advanced and highly efficient marketing tools. Such as high video/photo quality, website design,tags,repost options, go live option, etc. Other brands that are focusing on expanding their online business through their website should take inspiration from Instagram in the context of the features of web designing and visual presentation of a site.

The following are how website developers or brands can take inspiration from Instagram to design their overall website including layout and graphics:

Increasing exposure:

Inclusion of Instagram page links in a web design proves to be very beneficial especially for the newly emerging business or to the companies that have a tight budget structure. Unlike other platforms, Instagram is not a paid platform for advertising. It helps brands to share, edit, and change their content /advertisement easily. It also helps in getting genuine customers or real Instagram followers.

High-quality images:

Primarily new websites should focus on making their website content and design visually appealing just like Instagram does! Inserting high-quality pictures and making the site visually attractive is one of the silent tools attracting a web user to your site. Also, if the website consists only of the content, then inclusions of relative images is a must!

Avoiding clutter:

web designers or developers should see to it that there not an online confusion on the website. Such as too many advertising, various links, and overloaded affiliate links, etc. These clusters may make it difficult for the users to search for the information. They are looking for and might leave the sight. Just like Instagram the features
/tools of a website should be user-friendly and less complicated.

Studying customer interests:

Through Instagram, it becomes easy to focus on user’s likes and dislikes. Similarly, web designers can add contest or surveys in the web layout which will help in analyzing the customers and their likes /demands. That helps to avoid what does not work for the targeted audience and focus on what exactly the customers are looking for.

Strong Presence online:

People usually tend to visit the Instagram pages of a particular brand before buying any of their products or services. The general mentality of the users is to check the reviews of the particular brands on their business page as they are the genuine reviews from real buyers. Majority of the times it is through these reviews that the customers decide whether to or not to buy a particular product. The Instagram link in web design helps strengthens the online visibility of a website.

Web designing should see as a creative art of successfully executing all the necessary details. It promotional content of an organization in one particular website to gain various professional motives. The above factors can be taken into consideration for desirable web design.