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mobile application

Believe it or not, the best of the apps will fail if you do not invest in a solid marketing plan. Of course, you will also need a big marketing budget to propel your entire marketing campaign.

Making investments in marketing plans often give stress to app owners. They do not know how much budget they need to invest in running a product marketing plan.

There was an estimated investment of $77 billion in the year 2017, but only 0.01% of all mobile apps out there on stores were considered successful. App users in the USA spend as much as 5 hours daily on mobile devices and, 92% of all the time is spent on apps and, these are not more than 30 apps which users routinely use every month. These are generally the most popular apps such as social apps like Facebook and Snapchat; shopping apps like Amazon, several mobile games, etc.

There is little chance a new app easily gets a place in these regularly used 30 apps. Understand how the most popular of today’s apps are used.

A Fiksu’s 2015 research shows that app owners invest $200 thousand to push a mobile app to US Top 20 (iOS) through ads.  As claimed by Entrepreneur, a company engaged with an app for one to five years should invest between 12% and 20% of their annual revenue on marketing.

On the other hand, many companies started with no sizable budget and still. They have received a good response and succeeded to place them among their audiences. So what is the ideal budget to market an app?

There are more than a few factors, like the category of apps, target market, and goals on which the expenditure in a marketing plan depends. The ideal estimation of an app’s marketing can only be made if you learn the market data, analyze the projected revenue and then calculate the lifetime value of potential customers.

Following are some ways to market a mobile app:

Paid advertisement 

They are several ways to put ads in an app. These covers social media advertising, in-app ads rewarded ads, and Google Ads campaigns, etc.

Blogging and Social Media Marketing 

Once you set your landing website to showcase your app, post blogs and do some social media marketing activities. Both blogging and social media marketing are the most effective ways to market an app.

App trailers 

People want to have a look of an app before they actually download it. You can provide a video app trailer for this purpose. Take help your designing team to create an app’s video trailer with the use of Photoshop and After Effects. If you don’t a team, you can hire a professional video creation service provider.

App Store Optimization

Last but not least, do not miss the ASO or App Store Optimization. It’s a way to optimize the store page for your app with a suitable heading, keywords, descriptions, images, etc. Stores need the help of this stuff to put your app in the result searches created by users to find an app that does things similar to your app.