Camping is fun, but you need to take the right camping gear to make the adventures comfortable. Missing a single item can put you in trouble at a location hundreds of miles from your home. An appropriate camping gear can make a difference between a painful and an enjoyable trip. If you plan your camping gear before leaving for a trip on the mountains, you can make your adventures comfortable and enjoyable. This post shares the top five camping gear to make your adventure trips really comfortable.

1. Memory foam Sleeping bag

Memory foam Sleeping bag

Whether you like to sleep in your tent or on the ground, you need a comfy base to lie on. The standard sleeping bags do not provide enough comfort for your back. So you need a memory foam sleeping bag for relaxing your entire body after a day of camping.

A laid-back memory foam sleeping bag has an adequate amount of foam to provide you back that comfy cushion that it needs after a day of camping. The cooling flow technology helps your body to regulate its body temperature. It is not the lightest sleeping pad but provides the comfort that your back needs while camping.

It has a soft polar fleece layer provides you with the comfort and warmth while sleeping in the night. The sleeping pad comes in a waterproof polyester casing which makes it durable and easy to carry anywhere in any weather.

2. A foldable saw Trendhunterstatic

A foldable saw

A foldable saw

If you are going for camping at a location that is going to be cold in the night, you will need to light a campfire to stay warm. The campfire also protects you from wild animals and keeps them away from your tent. However, it is not easy to find the wood pieces of the right shape and size in every location. Carrying a regular saw may seem unwieldy to carry, but a Sven foldable saw is a right tool to carry in your backpack. A Sven folding saw is easy to carry and cut the wood of any size and shape for the campfire. The two sides of the saw are foldable, and the third side has a blade which you can use for cutting the woods.

The blade has a connector that makes the device a triangular saw. The device weighs around two pounds that is perfectly easy to carry and pack in your backpack or a baton sized kit.

3. Camping tent and rope

Camping tent and rope

Camping tent and rope

A camping tent is essential to carry on your trip for staying in the night. You should carry a durable rope to install the tent. Parachute cord is strong and durable enough for installation of tents and hammocks. If you are a first-time camper, you should practice installing the tent at least four to five times before leaving for the trip. Buy a camping tent of some extra capacity considering the number of members that you need to accommodate in it.

The extra capacity of the tent is required to accommodate the camping gear to the members and keep it spacious. For example, if you need a shelter for three members, it is best to buy a camping tent with a capacity of 4 people.

4. A collapsible tarp

A collapsible tarp

If you like to sleep on the ground or in a hammock, you should carry a collapsible tarp for shelter. The best thing about a collapsible tarp is that you can pack it in a tiny bag. A tarp provides you not only the shelter but also a shield against the winds.

Whether you sleep on the ground or in a hammock, install a collapsible tarp over you to protect yourself from the dew, and rain. If mounted at a correct angle, it also protects you from the mild winds. The benefits it offers are worth the weight it adds to your bag.

5. Night headlamp

You need a source of light in the night while camping in a remote area such as mountains and slopes. A regular lantern is a great choice but a night headlamp is better, as it frees up your hands to perform other activities. The night headlamps are available in a wide range and operate on AA or AAA batteries. The fresh batteries can last up to one week, but it is always better to carry an extra set of batteries. Most headlamps come with different settings for brightness and color temperatures.

6. Portable Water Purifier

Portable Water Purifier

The water you carry with you won’t last for more than a day or two. You will need to use the water from natural sources like rivers or springs, whatever is available during your trip. A portable water purifier will ensure you get pure water every time you drink it on your trip.

A portable water filter kills almost 99 percent of the bacteria and other germs present in natural water. You will need more water for drinking, cooking and washing the clothes if you are on a week-long camping trip. You can search for a wide range of portable water purifiers on the local stores or online marketplaces. Buy the water purifier of a high-quality brand that is compact enough to pack in your bag.

Final Words

There are many essential items that you need to carry on your camping trip. The items mentioned in this post are the top 6 camping gear to make your camping comfortable. However, you will need many other things for survival in the remote areas like mountains and hilltops.

Make a list of all the essential gear you need to carry on your adventure trip to avoid forgetting the items at the last moment. Missing a single item while packing your bag can put you in serious trouble in the mountains.

You need the items like a multipurpose tool, a survival knife, water bottle, packed food items, and cooking equipment to prepare the food and feed all the members. The adventures are full of risks, and you may experience injuries any time on the trip, so don’t forget to carry a first aid kit.