Travel India

Travel India

India takes you to amazement. If you are willing to work your flexibility, your compassion, your fears, if you are to venture into a new world, you will be taking out the passage. This is not a trip for weak spirits, because many times these are put to the test. If you have fun, you can do a small home test, tell your partner or a friend to honk a car’s horn for 15 minutes. OK, now imagine it multiplied by hundreds of speakers! It seems a joke, but that’s right, you have to be very at your center to enjoy the chaos without being disturbed. That’s why it’s good, in addition to sightseeing, to complement with some experience of introspection.

Also, India is ideal for those who love design and art; each corner can be a photo of exultant colors and forgotten details that for you are majestic treasures. Many times it is believed that as you see that extreme poverty your heart opens up. It’s true, but have you ever seen the poverty that surrounds us? It is not necessary to travel almost 16 thousand kilometers for that to move us.

Trip is to discover that far away, even if you do not believe it: there are women who are currently wearing sarees (which you would wear to a wedding!), Men who eat with their hands sitting on their haunches in the street, rickshaw drivers who pedal and take you for $ 2 for twenty blocks, priests who improvise a blessing and then ask you for 50 euros, a river that magically does not rot even if they throw dozens of corpses daily. If you’re ready, here we go…

Travel Tips that help you in India tour

1. At airports, arm yourself with patience:

They check your ticket and passport everything two times, even when you finish getting off the plane. They have a lot of security and they check you. Always take surplus times before boarding. Sometimes you can also get some traffic while traveling to the airport. In that case, you can also miss your flight.

2. If you do not want to buy, do not look:

one starts always very kind, snooping, but there comes a point when you saw that keychain a thousand times and, if you maintain eye contact, the sellers will be your shadow.

3. Go to good hotels if you get the budget:

There is no middle, in the hotel three stars you can feel in the worst hostel.  Make pre-booking of your hotels and resorts which makes your journey more comfortable.

4. Do not eat anything on the street:

Surely one day you are loose from the belly; if it did not happen to you, you did not go to India! But to avoid a greater evil, I chose well the places where you eat. Sometimes, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s save you.

You have to get vaccinated against yellow fever. Just 15 days in advance, in case you have any symptoms (which would be rare). It’s free, find out.

5. With comfortable clothes, but a touch covered:

A shorts or shorts can generate tachycardia in Indians. Avoid a bad moment.

6. “Without spicy”: Unless you’re a spicy fan, this is your mantra. In India, you can get spicy food.

Bargaining, but not so much! Everything can be bargained, especially when you realize that a  cushion can go down the middle, but dribbling a rickshaw boy 10 rupees will not make the difference, but he does.