A wonderful trip to Ahmedabad

A wonderful trip to Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was the former capital of Gujarat, though many consider it still to be. Well, why won’t people get confused? Ahmedabad is so fascinating and full of life that people confuse it to be the state’s capital. This city has seven bridges and these bridges connect the historic part of the city to the modern or the commercial part of the city.

This city is well known for its handicrafts, traditional stuff, cuisines and theme based restaurants. So before you plan to book a flight from Boston to Ahmedabad we here for you, brings the main attractions and must to do when in this city.

Places To Visit When You Land Ahemdabad

There is a number of places for you to visit in Ahmedabad but obviously, it won’t be possible for you to visit all in the little vacation you would plan. So let us help you with this. Mark these some not to miss places when you come here.

Bhadra Fort

This fort is of great historical significance. This fort was built in 1411 AD during the rule of Maratha and it also has a special mention in the history. This Fort includes a beautiful palace with many decorated arches and balconies. There are many stories related to this fort, go visit and explore.

Dada Hari Ni Va

This place was built during the rule of Mahmud Begada in 1501 AD. This is a stepwell, magnificently designed. This is beautifully made octagonal stepwell and is designed in authentic Gujarati patterns. The stepwell is five stories deep built with sandstone. You will go all wow with just a look of the place.

Teen Darwaza

This is the oldest gateway of the city. It was constructed by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 141 AD. Teen Darwaza is very close to Bhadra Fort. The monument is related closely with legendary and historical events. This place is one of the finest examples of Indo Islamicarchitectural designs. Currently, this place is renowned for its roadside market known as teen Darwaza market, it displays all the Gujarati jewelry clothes and stuff.

Sabarmati Ashram

This ashram was set up In 1915 by Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. It is also believed to be the central point from where the struggle for independence started. Today the ashram is a library, a museum, and an auditorium. This ashram also gives a sneak peek into the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Why Not Visit Ahemdabad On Festival?

One must visit this city at the time of festivals. Festivals here are celebrated in an awesome way and are unique of course. Let’s roll our eyes on some.

Uttarayan: festival of kites

Uttarayan or commonly known as Makar Sankranti is celebrated here with full festivity like rest of India but the special energy involved here makes it a bit different. During the festival all the shops are flooded with a kite and ‘manjhas’, giving the city a colorful and a vibrant look. The day is colorful with kites and the night is lit with the ‘Tukals’. if you are there to taste the special dish of the day ‘Undhiyan, sorta mixed vegetable.


Another big festival for Gujarat to celebrate. The people here celebrate this festival with all energy and enthusiasm. This is the time when Gujaratis show their devotion to their Goddess Shakti. This devotion is sketched from the dances they perform, dance like Dandiya and Ras Garba. These nine days of Navratri is special for everyone but women hold their different charm, they dress in lehnga choli, wear traditional accessories and lot more. The city is lit throughout the night these nine days.

Shoppers Street

No trip is complete without shopping as you need to take things home for remembrance. So there are a lot of place in Gujarat from where you can grab as much you want to take along home. There are places like law garden handicraft market, all Darwaza, Dharwad, CG road etc.

All about food

Food is must no matter where you are. And you must try all the local cuisines of the place you are in. After all, it is said that to know a place better you should know the food they serve. You will get all type of food in the city. From sophisticated restaurants to the street. Well, the best street food in the city is available in front o IIM and there is also some hi-fi restaurant with unique services like there is this one which serves food in a leaf and makes the person sitting on the floor, fully traditional.

Now when you know what you should do when you are in this city, what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and land here soon.

Happy holidays!