When you think of truck lifting, your mind is spinning in all the directions in confusion because there are so many lifting kits such as suspension lift, body lift, load leveler and air suspension. Well, you might want to use kits for function or for the form, but irrespective of the usage, you need to understand the difference between two major kits that are body lift kit and suspension kit before you buy and deploy 4×4 suspension kits in your off-road vehicle.

 Lift Kits And Suspension Lift Kits

Lift Kits And Suspension Lift Kits

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The body-lift kit

The body lift kit has spacers and the blocks that lift the body higher on to the frame of the truck without changing the ground clearance or manipulating the geometry of the suspension. The body lift kit essentially gives you more space to use bigger wheels and tires.  

In addition, the body lift kits do not affect the rig that means the geometry of the steering wheel remains unchanged and the rig maintains the same driving characteristics but height can unsettle the stability of the vehicle. The best bet? The body lift kits are less costly and easy to install that makes them so much more desirable.

The suspension-lift kit

The suspension kits will offer you more height, better ground clearance and more suspension travel. It allows you to fix bigger wheels, aggressive tires, wider and bigger fender flares.

You have bought off-road vehicles for the aggressive drive, right? That is a big “Yes”. You should get performance coil-overs that can handle heavy weight, steel bumpers, and winches. All you need to do is to change the spring rate to accommodate everything. In addition, they can carry a large amount of oil because of their larger size which keeps them cool.

The usage of suspension kits can affect the driving characteristics because now you will have altered steering characteristic and higher center of gravity. But at the end of the day, it is beautiful for a fierce driving experience and empowers you with better off-road driving capability.Now, it depends on the quality of the suspension kit that you buy. You have to make sure that you get branded kits like the Dobinsons suspension kit to alter the form and functionality of the off-road vehicle.

 Lift Kits And Suspension Lift Kits

Lift Kits And Suspension Lift Kits

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Which is the perfect kit?

Well, both the kits have their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, you need to be clear on your requirements and objectives. Actually, an off-road kit supplier can guide you through the complete process but you have to communicate your needs and demands quite clearly so that they can give you the right information and help you in making the right decision.

Perfecting your vehicle should be your priority because off-road driving is a serious matter.  Hence, it is important that you look at your driving needs and choose the right lift kits to empower your vehicle.

In addition, you must also consider safari snorkel kit if you tend to run into muddy, sandy or watery areas more often. In fact, the terrains that you travel should be the first factor that you need to look at closely to identify your demands and needs.