Protect health

Protect health

Seasons are diverse and great. Every season is unique in its own ways. We have the spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter seasons occurring every year. Whenever a season changes, it also affects the weather, ecology and the daylight hours (especially during summer and winter). Days are usually longer and nights are short in the summer season. On the other hand, in the winter season, the nights become longer and the days get shorter. Thus, due to this, many nations observe the daylight saving time as per their time zone.

Having talked about the various seasons we experience each year, let us also look at the many infections and diseases that accompany these seasons. The infections and diseases pose a threat to your health and overall well-being. It sometimes, makes you feel weak.

Infections may be transmitted directly or indirectly in a person. However, whenever there’s a change in season, it mostly brings with it viral infections that usually cause a headache and fever in a person.

Therefore, it is required that you take precautions for your health and not let the viral infections make you their victim.

8 Tips to protect your health from seasonal infections

Read these health tips that can help you fight against various infections that occur seasonally.

1. Personal hygiene

It is very important to maintain your personal hygiene. Most infections enter your body through you and cause various sickness. Therefore, the best precautionary methods are:

  • brushing your teeth
  • flossing your teeth
  • Washing your hands
  • Taking bath regularly
  • Cutting your nails short
  • Getting sufficient sleep

A good personal hygiene is all that matters. If you maintain yourself neatly, you will definitely have fewer chances of falling sick. Thus, this way, your body will be able to adjust to the changes in season and climate as well.

2. Keep your surroundings clean

Just like it is important to maintain your personal hygiene, you must keep your surroundings clean as well. When a season changes, its climatic conditions are also affected. So, because of this, you experience mild to strong winds in summer and winter, rise and fall in temperature, etc.

Many bacteria and harmful viruses target their hosts and then start infecting you gradually. To keep this danger at bay, you must consider keeping your surroundings clean. This keeps away the germs, bacteria and other viruses from entering your body through your sense organs.

Keep your home neat and tidy. If you see water clogged in unused containers around your premises, empty the containers containing stored water from rain, etc. This causes mosquitoes to breed in such places and cause infections like dengue and malaria. These infectious diseases often tend to prove fatal.

3. Eat nutritional diet

When a new season arrives, it brings with it several different kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are actually very good for your health. These fruits and vegetables help you build a stronger immunity and fight against bacteria and many viral infections.

You can prepare vegetable soups, or eat cooked foods, whichever suits you as per your choice. You can also have fruits that came with the season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables help in keeping you both physically and mentally healthy.

4. Drink clean and boiled water

Whatever you consume, it must be clean and safe. The same thing applies to your drinking water. Water often carries with it various germs and bacteria, which can harm your health.

Make sure that you boil water and store it in water filters. Boiled and filtered water is safe for drinking. It also protects you from accidentally consuming germs and many bacteria, which makes people fall sick.

5. Use hand sanitiser

People love to spend time outdoors during any season. It may be by going on an adventure or something else.

Hand sanitisers are useful and portable outdoor pocket packs. You can carry a hand sanitiser anywhere you are, such as in restaurants, public convenience, camping, etc.

These are needful since you can use them at places where you might not have water and soap available.

6. Wear clean clothes

A word of wisdom. Give up wearing filthy clothes. Avoid wearing old and unwashed clothes. They not only make your personality look worse, you also have greater chances of suffering from infections. This causes various sicknesses.

Maintain a good practice of washing your clothes regularly and wearing clean clothes to cover your body.

7. Avoid direct communication

As most viral infections could be transmitted by direct communication, you must be careful especially when meeting other people when you are outdoors. Infections are not carried by elements like soil and water, they can also be carried from one person to another.

8. Get vaccination

I believe you must have heard about vaccination. Vaccines prevent you from contracting a disease or a viral infection. Early vaccination helps in strengthening your immunity system to fight against bacteria and viruses that enter your body.

Visit your nearest healthcare and get vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, Influenza etc.

Health tips for infectious diseases during season time

Your health is everything that gives you the strength to adjust yourself during any given seasonal change. Every season has it benefits as well as limitations. So, take these above-mentioned precautions and tips to your advantage.