Tan skin

Tan skin

Having fun during summer is good and as long as you also protect your exposed skin from the scorching heat. Your skin, when directly exposed to the sun, can be burned or damaged. It also leads to the discoloration of tan skin, making your skin look sort of more tanned. When too much of heat is applied on the areas of your skin, your skin automatically changes its color properties.

Summer is a wonderful season of the year. People love to have a good time out in the sun. People of all age groups are seen beating the heat with sipping beverages and playing in the water. There are lots of fun people do during the hot summer season.

Therefore, to help you protect your skin from the sun’s heat and ultra-violet radiation, feel free to read some of the useful tips. These tips contain simple and effective ways with the help of which you can protect your glowing skin from getting tanned.

8 Tips to protect your skin from summer tanning

Tan Skin

Tan Skin

Here are some simple and effective tips to protect your skin from the hot summer tanning.

1. Drink water sufficiently

Since summer is a hot and dry season, you tend to feel thirsty. Therefore, to beat the heat, you can drink water quite often.

Water is essential for our body and skin. Make a habit of drinking water in order to keep you hydrated. Your skin needs water to retain its moisture and glow.

Drinking water often is really a natural way of protecting your skin’s moisture. It also gives your skin a natural glow that will make you look healthy and perfect.

2. Facewash

When you wash your face, prefer using a facewash twice daily. The ingredients contained in a fash wash gel or fluid are extracted and blended from natural plants. It makes your skin stand against the sun’s harmful ultra-violet radiation. The UV rays emitted by the sun is hot enough to burn your skin if exposed for too long. This further causes your skin to become tanned.

Facewash is a useful product that protects your skin from the summer sun and UV radiation.

3. Sunscreen cream and lotion

There’s also sunscreen creams and lotions that you can apply on your body to protect you from getting tanned. The sunscreen lotions and body creams protect your skin from the sun through the presence of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in them.

If you are planning to go out in the sun, give your skin some SPF. The SPFs will guard your exposed skin from burns, UV radiation, sin damage and skin cancer.

4. Lip balm

Just like your body skin, your lips can also become vulnerable in a hot sunny summer. The sun’s heat rays can make your lips dry and chapped.

There are, however, lip balms that you could use. A lip balm helps in softening the skin of your lips and also makes them look smooth.

5. Exfoliate skin

Exfoliation is a very helpful procedure for safeguarding your body and skin. Use a bathing scrubber or loofah while in a shower, to scrub your body. This removes the unwanted and dead cells of your skin and washing them away with water. Rub your body gently using a scrubber, you may apply gel or soap as well for cleaning your body thoroughly of the dead cells.

You may also prefer exfoliating while having a warm shower. However, you must avoid taking shower with hot, as this can burn your skin.

6. Release body sweat

Sweating is particularly an effective process of rejuvenating your body skin. When you sweat, your body undergoes a natural process of cleansing, while giving you a fresh and healthy skin. When you are exercising at the gym, producing sweat also helps you in burning your fats down and taking care of your skin as well.

Similarly, when you are out in the sun, the sweat which is produced from the sun’s rays on your body, protects your skin’s moisture. Usually, dry skin does not produce much sweat as compared with a moisturized skin.

7. Wear sun guards

Shades and hats are good alternatives for protecting your eyes and facial skin from the sun. Your eyes can get hurt when exposed for too long in the sun. This also decreases the visibility of your site. Therefore, putting on a pair of sunscreen glasses and wearing a hat with broad brims are good ways of protecting the skin of your face from tanning.

8. Drink beverage with caution

This is equally important as the others that are mentioned above. It is agreed that people tend to drink soft drinks and other beverage drinks just to beat the heat and chilling the day at the same time. It is certain that you will start consuming aerated drinks and even beer or alcohol. But, these may not prove to be best solutions, especially when your body and skin needs more of hydration and not to become dehydrated.

There are abundant amounts of sugar and carbon dioxide contained in soft drinks. Therefore, these should not be your preferred option to beat the heat, if you are cautious about your skin.

A better option here is to drink lemon water, coconut water, and fruit juices. These liquids contain properties that are advantageous for your body and skin.

Caring for your skin is important

You don’t actually have to spend money on buying various products, while you can avoid getting tanned through some of the simple methods. These methods are effective, too.

With just a few simple and natural ways, like the ones given above, you can have lots of fun out in the sun confidently. Thus, when you are taking precautions properly, you will not have to worry much about your body and skin. You can simply enjoy your time outdoors.