Rediscovering our silent saviour - Yoga

Rediscovering our silent savior – Yoga

As our country teetered on the brink of development and became ready to enter a new age, unoppressed by foreign forces and their own repressed sense of individuality, our leaders realized that India needed to discover her roots once again and instill a feeling of national pride in her citizens.

This notion led to the pretty recent drive to reintroduce Sanskrit as a mainstream language in schools and make the next generation aware of their rich heritage. It also led to the ancient art of yoga coming into the spotlight again.

what is yoga?

Yoga needs no introduction. It is too majestic, too influential, and too old a practice. Spread far and wide over the world, it originated in India from the country’s deeply spiritual past. It is a way of aligning body and mind with the ultimate goal to make them one.

The Hub Of The Practice

Spread along North India, it finds a delighted population of practitioners in cities like Rishikesh and Haridwar, located close to the valley of Dehradun, in the state of Uttarakhand, with schools offering packages like 200-hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh. Doing yoga in a group on a bare rooftop on calm, windy summer evening on the banks of the great Ganges, lends a spiritual atmosphere to the proceedings and is probably one of the main reasons of Rishikesh’s popularity among tourists.

Why Learn The Art?

Yoga, being the complex discipline it is, works in hundreds of interconnected ways that lead to the healing and restoration of both body and soul. Some of the chief advantages of it are –

  • Obesity is a condition that results when excess fat accumulates in the body and, consequently, the body mass index rises above 30. In such a condition, traditional weight loss procedures do work but often result in the individual’s skin beginning to sag. Yoga, on the other hand, offers a safe and perfect way to get rid of the excess adipose tissue, without damaging either appearance or health. This has even been proven in a recent medical study.
  • Although it seems unlikely, yoga is an excellent way to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. The calming postures integrated into the practice are specifically for putting the mind at rest.
  • Common metabolic disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders that afflict the senile and passive. Much less likely to manifest in a person who devoted at least half an hour to yoga every day, improving his or her circulation, muscle tone, and keeping blood sugar in check.
  • Yoga grants flexibility. Moving through the asanas, your limbs loosen up while joints become more mobile. In poses like the Dhanush asana, the body forms an inverted bow with the curve facing above. It is an excellent way to develop flexibility of the spine and tone the trapezius and gastrocnemius muscles.

Where to practice it?

There is a large number of yoga training centers in Rishikesh. That thrive on their customers’ newfound interest in the discipline. With a team of licensed trainers and a serene environment, any one of them can be chosen for an individual to take a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.