Margarita Day

Margarita Day

Like many special holidays or events that are observed each year in a country or in the world, there are also few such events which take place.

The world in which we live, there are many important dates that signify something or someone in particular. There are quite many popular events that we observe every year. These annual events signify celebration, tribute, honor, memory etc. If you have been to clubs and pubs, you would have noticed the servings of alcohols, cocktails, and beverages to visitors.

National Margarita Day is different from the other events, which is currently not listed on calendars. However, this particular event is known to many and is believed to have originated in the mid-twentieth century. Though it is not accurately known who is behind the origination of this day, there could be various myths.

Story behind National Margarita Day celebration

The National Margarita Day is a special event that is mainly observed with celebration, especially on the 22nd of February every year. Many clubs, pubs, taverns and similar places where alcohol and beverages are served, celebrate this day of the year by drinking the very popular Margarite tequila cocktail drink.

The history of observing this special day is not clearly revealed. However, it is somewhat mentioned that this particular day became an event marked by some bartenders. This is not an independence day for the bartenders. The event is rather observed and celebrated by people who go to clubs, taverns, bars, and pubs and have some tequila shots.

Types of Margarita cocktails and fruit juice

A Margarita is a drink that contains tequila alcohol and fruits. Typically a lime juice, also lemon juice, is the most popular Margarita tequila drink served in bars. Such drinks, which are a blend of fruits and alcohol, are called cocktails.

There are various types of Margarita cocktail drinks that are served in numerous bars and taverns. Here are some of the known Margarita cocktails you could try today, whether it’s the national Margarita Day or just an ordinary day that simply goes by every week of a month and every year.

  • Classic Margaritas
  • Beer Margaritas
  • Fruity Margaritas
  • Blackberry Grapefruit Margaritas
  • Pomegranate Margaritas
  • Cranberry Margaritas
  • Pineapple Margaritas
  • Raspberry Margaritas
  • Mango Orange Margaritas
  • Special Margaritas

These are only some of the various types of Margarita cocktails and fruit juices that are served to people in bars. The Classic Margaritas are cocktails.

Simple way to celebrate National Margarita Day

Since this event is marked by drinking alcohol, so, we can say that the National Margarita Day is celebrated by adults, especially. You go to a bar get and bottoms up a glass of Margarita tequila with lime and a pinch of salt, to help you deal with its bitter taste.

People love to drink tequilas in bars, at least once. However, do not worry if you are a non-alcoholic person. Non-alcoholic persons can also drink fruit Margarita that does not contain tequila alcohol. These drinks are mere fruit juices with lime or lemon wedged on the edge of the glass.

It can also be fun to have Margarita fruit juices in your home and not having to go to a bar. Since there are varieties of Margaritas, as cocktails and fruit juice, these can be drunk by non-alcoholics as well.