yahoo mail

yahoo mail

Everyone today knows what Yahoo! is. Yahoo! Originated in the year 1995 and was one of the most popular web services providers on the internet. Yahoo! Is an acronym which stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’.

The mid-90s was the time when many people who used the internet, had tried the Yahoo! Search and e-mail services for quite a long time. It still exists today, and with new features, functionalities, and securities.

Yahoo! is a web service that provides services like internet search, webmail, weather forecast, news, horoscope, fashion and lifestyle trends, and so on. Like many of its services on the internet, we shall pick the Yahoo! Mail e-mail service and share with you some of its unique characteristics.

5 Cool things about Yahoo Mail

Let’s go ahead and check out some of the coolest things about Yahoo! Mail webmail services rendered by Yahoo!.

1. Big service with big space

One of the important things you might not know about Yahoo! Mail is that it provides the largest storage space for your e-mails than any other e-mail service provider.

At present, Yahoo! Mail offers 1TB (Terabyte) of storage space to its subscribers. Since e-mails are generally not more than a few kilobytes in size, this enormous space is more than enough for storing all your e-mails. If you look at it the other way, this would be equivalent to storing some hundreds of movies in that much of storage space. When sending e-mails, you can add files, documents, compressed or ZIP/RAR folders and multi-media files of a limited size of 25 MB in your attachment.

This is also a major advantage of using Yahoo! Mail. Since no other services provide such a huge capacity for storing one’s e-mails.

2. No stand-alone application required

Yahoo! Mail does not require any stand-alone software application to access its services. It is totally web-based. All you need in order to access the Yahoo! Mail service is a computer device, an internet browser, and an internet connection.

You can access the Yahoo! Mail services on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. These devices have pre-included web browsers that let you browse the internet.

Thus, there is no need for downloading or installing any software application as everything is available to the users directly from the website.

You can easily login to your Yahoo! Mail, or create a new e-mail account within minutes and start sending and receiving e-mails. Since it is a web-based service, you also save disk space on your computer or device. Your e-mails are not stored on your computer, rather they are stored in the cloud (aka online storage). This allows you to easily access your e-mails from any place and using any device.

3. Integrated IM chat functionality

If you remember, long ago, Yahoo! Used to have a separate application called Yahoo! Messenger. The application allows users to chat with other Yahoo! Users who are based in different regions worldwide.

Users could also send instant messages (IM) and chat with each other online. Now, this functionality has been integrated into the Yahoo! Mail service. When you log in into your Yahoo! Mail, you will see the chat function below the categories on the left pane of your e-mail account page.

It is now much easier to communicate with your friends and family members through Yahoo! Mail and it’s integrated IM and chat functionalities. You can chat with people whom you have added in your contact list or the address book.

4. You get a free web-based calendar

Yahoo! Mail provides its users with a free web-based calendar. The calendar is pretty useful, apart from showing you the dates, days, months and years.

You can use the calendar on your Yahoo! Mail for meeting your deadlines, scheduling e-mails, receiving e-mail reminders, reading calendar feeds and much more.

If you use Yahoo! Mail for professional or productive purposes, the free web-based calendar can be of great help to accomplish your work effectively and efficiently.

5. Cool customizations for Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Has brought about a lot of changes and includes many features to make Yahoo! Mail more user-friendly.

Therefore, you can now customize your Yahoo! Mail with more colors, themes, and a brand new design. You can easily switch between the classic view and the modern view of your Yahoo! Mail service. Also, new themes have been integrated to help you customize the looks of your e-mail profile.

You can customize the preferences of your web-based Yahoo! Mail service according to your needs and taste.

Yahoo! Mail is still in the game

There are millions of active users who use the web-based services provided by Yahoo!. It’s been over two decades now and Yahoo! Mail is still a favorite webmail service for many users, who use it for either personal or professional purpose.

Yahoo! Mail provides a lot of security features, such as scanning your e-mails before they are delivered to your Inbox. Any unsafe e-mail that is sent to you, gets filtered and are stored in the Spam folder. You may also manually apply filters if you do not want to receive unwanted e-mails from other online services, advertisements, promotions, special offers, etc.

If you haven’t signed up for a Yahoo! Mail, you probably would be missing a lot.