Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile

Facebook is a widely used social networking site with over two billions of registered users. That’s more than the combined population of India. The social media network platform became very popular among several individuals that revolutionized the way we communicate.

The use of Facebook has increased too far greater numbers over the years. It was mainly started being used on an individual’s desktop computers and laptops. These days, as smartphones became widely a trend among internet enthusiasts, there came the Facebook app for hand-held devices. Thus, today, you can access Facebook from any device that has connectivity to the internet.

Have you created a new Facebook profile for your personal or business use? Well, let me tell you. There are quite a lot of revolutionary things that you can do on Facebook. You can give your Facebook profile more interesting and productive functionality that will make you stay ahead of others.

These tips will revolutionize your Facebook profile.

It’s time that you come out of the default functionality of Facebook that is provided to you. Give some different look and feel so that even others would be amazed and envy you.

Here are some very handy tips to help you get started. You don’t require any advanced tools and it will just take a couple of minutes to give you a totally customized Facebook profile.

1. Tweak your Facebook profile

You can customize your Facebook profile with lots of available options. You can make minor as well as major changes to give your Facebook profile presentable and flexible.

Did you know that you can preview your Facebook profile? You can choose how your Facebook profile will appear to your friends and to the public. To do this, you only need to customize a few settings. You can select what your friends can see when they access your profile and the same goes for the public who are not on your friends’ list. You change things like, viewing your friends, you’re ‘about me’, pictures and videos that you share, etc.

After making the necessary changes, go to your homepage, click on the ellipses icon next to ‘View Activity’ and select View As. A preview of your Facebook profile will be shown on your screen. You may explore more of this customization as per your like.

2. Use animated profile picture on Facebook

Some people may feel bored of using photos on their Facebook profile page. They wished they had something with animation in order to make their Facebook profile. This would also give a different and unique feeling when someone sees your animated profile picture on Facebook.

You can use a GIF format image as your profile photo on Facebook. The GIF format image usually has animation and can be a picture of motion video. Such GIF images are very short in length, say about a few seconds of animation. Another thing about these GIF images is that they play in a loop.

You can create a GIF image to use on your Facebook profile with the help of software that converts images and videos into various file formats.

3. Turn off the auto-playing feature

Many Facebook users might have concerns about the automatically playing videos on their Facebook profile. This may seem annoying for some users. Therefore, you can turn this feature off by going to your Facebook settings page.

Open the Facebook settings and turn off the auto-play in Videos and Photos. Now, when, you are on your Facebook page, you will not have videos playing automatically. This goes the same for news feeds. People who read the news daily on Facebook can manually play selected videos.

4. Let people follow you on Facebook

Facebook is all about socializing with different people from various regions of the world. This also makes your communication more exciting and interesting. Having friends and followers on your Facebook will allow them to read your posts.

You can change who can read your view your posts and follow you. You do not necessarily have to add them to your friends’ list on your Facebook. When you go public on your Facebook, there will be more chances of getting more responses from people around the world.

Simply go to your Facebook settings page and choose who can follow you to read and comment on your public posts. Also, you may turn this feature off as per your choice.

5. Choosing who you share your posts with

Sometimes, it happens that when you post a photo, video or audio on your Facebook profile with your friends, you do not want some of your friends to see your post.

Well, it is possible to filter people who you share your posts with and who you don’t want to share with. When you write a post on your Facebook wall, before hitting the Enter button on your keyboard or clicking the Post button, you may want to decide who you want to share your post with.

There are two ways you can use this feature. One is by going to the settings page and customizing the options in the Privacy category. The other way is by filtering people when composing a post. Thus, You will find a small icon, clicking on which will allow you to choose individuals that you want to share your post.

Facebook is more fun with customizations

By default, Facebook has all kinds of features and functionalities enabled for users. But, everyone does not require all these. Therefore, exploring your way and customizing things that you like and that you don’t like will surely keep you apart from the others. You may also limit the notifications that you receive every day.

You get more ease of use and you also don’t have to deal with many complications as other users may experience sometimes.