Food Photography

Food Photography

Food Photography

Photographs are a piece of life, a part of an event, a portion of a situation that happened. That happened, and a someone was able to capture it. Photographs have given us the ability to capture the essence of life. The growing of a sapling into a tree, an infant into a baby. The way water droplets hit the rocks down the mountain and then bounce back together as a river.

Photography is not just about capturing a face or scenery. It captures life. Photography captures emotions. And what better emotion than that of having good food.

Food Photographers in Birmingham

It’s a hard-earned skill, food photography, and only a few food photographers in Birmingham exceed it. This is probably why some of them get paid, and some of them don’t. Some people go through the tedious process of studying food photography.

As simple yet alluring as it looks, aesthetic as millennials call it, food photography if taken seriously is never a one-man or a two-people project. As a specialisation of commercial photography, food photography is a collaborative effort of an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and obviously, so many assistants.

But then food photography doesn’t end with cooking up food and taking pictures. NO.

Think of all those Instagram feeds. Those fantastic, mouth-watering dishes. Those cakes and s’mores. The regional dishes. The national pride.

The angles of plates. The shape of pies. The curve of spaghetti. The dicing of ice.

A few decades back, who would have believed that food and styling could have collaborated into something innovative. In the recent stretch, food styling photography has become a real thing. All thanks to our social media.

But food styling photography is not just an individual style. It brought the advent of food advertising photography. Something that different food companies are taking full advantage of.

Want to sell some ready to eat food? Or one of those good-for-your-health cooking oils?


  1. Take some good faces.
  2. Add a jingle.
  3. Use your food photography skills and take tonnes of stills of the food.

Lastly, put it all together in a video.

Voila! The perfect advertisement is ready. It is ready to be used to advertise anything edible.

Food styling, advertising and photography, in the current scenario, go hand-in-hand.

It is almost poetic how from within photography came different types. And they did not just stop there. They brought along different styles with them. Each style benefits some branch of the corporate world and influencing so much of the average household. People go out for meals and have their cameras ready before their cutlery. After all, is it even a meal if you haven’t flaunted it on screen!


The conclusion to food photography is that there is no conclusion. It is an art that can be learned and mastered with time, patience and practice. A skill that, like all other arts, requires creativity, the creativity of a combination of the mind and the hands. Once the balance between the mind and the hand is made, the beauty of the outcome can be seen on one of those Instagram feeds for sure.