employee of the year

employee of the year

Do you want to be the best at your job ? Do you feel that you cannot apply your full potential at your workplace ? Whether you are a newbie or you will have experience, it is very difficult to become the employee of the year easily. Along with the effort, you need to be smart in order to win the attention of your boss. The path to success is never easy and you need to take careful decisions at your workplace. Here are some tips on how to become the employee of the year :

Understanding Your Organization Goal :

There are many people who work for years without having a clear idea about the goals of the organization. If you are oblivious to it, you will not be able to give you 100 % and your productivity will naturally decrease. Not only do you have to find out about your employer’s goal but you also have to know more about your role in the success of your organization.

Identifying with the goal of the organization helps you to build a psychological contract with the company. This will instantly increase your loyalty to your company. If you feel that your goals do not coincide with the goals of your company, you can switch jobs and find a better career for yourself where you can shine. If you want to excel at your current job, you need to be more dedicated. You can always ask for help regarding this manner from your boss. He/she will be happy to see your involvement in your work.

Learn To Be A Good Team Player:

If you are working for an organization, it is not a feasible option for you to be selfish at all times. You cannot be the only one working at your company as you have to coordinate with your team in order to excel at work. Looking out for yourself is a good decision but you need to have good leadership as well as team member qualities in order to get promotions and appraisal.

For that reason, you need to be a good team player. It might sound easy but it is not. You need to incorporate the values of your teammates in your work and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. At times you need to put your team’s goals first before yours. Only then can you become the best employee in your company.

Try To Take Criticism Positively:

Taking criticism in a positive way can be a tough job. But if it is constructive criticism then you should definitely pay heed to it. You need to be more accepting about feedback as your boss is only giving you his / her feedback in order to improve your performance. The next time you feel that your boss is nagging, do not get angry. Stop and think about how you can incorporate his advice in your work.

Try To Solve Problems

Do not be the nagging employee who only has problems. Sometimes you need to come up with solutions in order to catch the eye of your boss and be unique. Only being punctual is not enough to become the employee of the year. Even if you are an introvert, you need to express your views if you want to earn the perks. You need to be creative and take the initiative at times.

For that you need to listen to everyone and come up with solutions to the small day to day problems. Only then you can get ahead in the game. Make sure to get credit for your work. Do not let other workers claim your hard work and steal your spotlight.

Update Your Skill Set:

Getting a job does not mean that you cannot improve your skills. People often get stagnant and do not want to improve after they get a permanent job. But this can be a deadly move as with the ever-changing technology, you need to update yourself from time to time. Along with the basic skills that your job requires, you need to enhance other skills which might not be present in your team members.

It will not only help you to stand out but you will learn a lot about yourself. You will constantly feel motivated as you can apply new skills for the old jobs. This breaks the monotony and increases productivity drastically. If you perform well, you may even be offered a promotion.

Avoid Gossip:

No one likes a person who maligns other people’s character. Gossiping might seem like a lucrative pass-time but the end result from it is zero. Not only will you become an untrustworthy person but you will not be able to focus your energy on your work. People who gossip are often seen to avoid their work as they are not interested in it.

If your boss notices your parliamentary behavior, he/she will have a bad impression about you. No matter how good you are at your job, you will never be able to become the employee of the year. Thus, you need to avoid gossip in order to experience a steady growth at your work.

Volunteer For Upcoming New Projects :

You have to take the initiative when it comes to asking to get placed in new projects. Whatever might be your goal, a new project will help you to work towards it. These kinds of project help to break the monotony and will help you to stand out of the crowd. It will help you to gain experience in new fields. You can even take up the role of the mentor and help to train the new employees under these projects.

Now that you have a rough idea about how to become the best employee of your company for this year, you need to start working. It is advisable to prepare a to-do list in order to review your goals every day. This is will increase your motivation to work. Do not succumb to hardships and you will definitely shine one day.