Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Do you have a car that you love to drive? You must have availed a car insurance for your vehicle, right? If you live in India, it is mandatory to get a car insurance done.

Having an adequate car insurance that could lessen your financial obligations towards the repair and damage cost of the car caught in accidents is a must.

However, if you talk to people who have claimed their car insurances. You would be surprised to know that they are not happy as they get only 30-40% of the claims.

The rest of the amount is yet borne by them meaning that the purpose of having the card insurance is not served. Thus, one of the easier ways to ensure maximum coverage of your vehicle insurance policy is by subscribing to some add-ons.

Add-ons are nothing but extra coverage which insurance companies offer along with a car insurance policy which ensures that maximum accidental aspects get coverage.

However, you need not rise one fine day and apply for some add-ons without considering your needs and if you really need it.

Here are some factors to consider before getting add-on covers for your car insurance.

  • Does it provide the 24/7 roadside assistance?

Before you enroll to an add-on, look if it offers the 24/7 roadside assistance or not. Ask your service provider if the facility is available or not. The availability of this add-on is a guarantee. That you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere in case of a breakdown.

  • What about zero depreciation shield?

The prime reason that there are huge deductions from your claimed figure is due to the dearth of this add-on facility. Insurance service providers don’t provide 100% of the costs for repair issues occurring to tires, plastic accessories and glass, and more. The reason is that they are exposed to regular wear and tear. These costs are also depreciated by a concerning percentage as per the damaged vehicle’s age. If you plan to buy zero depreciation add-on. It will ensure that no such conditions are applied while determining the claimed money for all such items. Such covers are applicable to vehicles up to 5 years.

  • Engine protector add-on

It is available for your car ensuring that the engine gets coverage in the event of the damages during oil leakage and water ingression and more. If you live in an area prone to foods, you ought to have the facility. You should also note that the manufacturer’s warranty does not include any type of claim as discussed.

  • Lock and key replacement coverage

This type of coverage has a provision to pay an incurred actuals or fixed amounts to replace a lost car’s key. You can consider buying the add-on if you have a tendency of misplacing things frequently.

  • Accident protection

It is one of the major add-on facility that you can also opt for as it offers unarmed passenger in your vehicle with a personal accident cover. You can ask for a coverage as higher as up to Rs.5 lakh which will be a good amount during an ill-fated mishap. If you love going out often with your friends and family. It is a must as it pays for the physical injuries or death of the insured commuters.

The Bottom Line

While deciding to opt for the best car insurance online. You should consider the discussed pointers to know if you will need add-on covers or not. You can buy a suitable car insurance online nowadays and even renew it online super-easy!