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online course

Your online course has been created, but is it ready to launch it? No! Do not forget this important step!

When people make their online course, the biggest mistake people make is that they do not test users before launching it. Generally, it happens that they themselves go through the course a few times and then when they are happy with the workflow they press “publish”.

This is a bad idea.

You must remember that you have been working on your courses and programs for several months. You are familiar with this. As a result, it does not matter how hard you do, eventually, you miss something clearly or ignore a step which is easy for you but is misleading a new brand in your curriculum.

I cannot emphasize how important it is for other people to go through your course before the official launch. There are three common ways that you can do. These are not mutually exclusive – you can use all three (and probably should).

Ask your friends & family

Too much self-explanation Once your course is ready to ask your friends and family to go through enrollment or purchase process. If you are selling courses, make sure they pay for it. Naturally, you will only issue a refund to them. If you have been properly configured at the end of the purchase process you want to check again.

If you do not practice the purchase process, then you take the risk of being frustrated with your first conversation with customers and your product. I know from experience.

When WPLMS launches for the first time, we send an email announcement back to our list. However, we did not fully investigate the purchase process and found that PayPal was not properly configured and no software was accessing it!

As you can imagine it did not run well.

The next day we emailed the software to people manually and profusely apologized. It was a lesson learned hard way.

Ask your list for beta testers

Beta testers are slightly different from friends and family in which they represent your real customers. If you have an email list, try signing up to a certain extent to get the product for free In return, they provide you feedback about the process.

If possible, try to keep formal groups where you can ask all specific questions. As a tip, I do not recommend that you ask Open-End Questions. People will not really answer. Instead, ask about specific aspects of the course or course flow. You will find that it will start the conversation and people will actually share some information.

Hire a user testing service

The problem with the above strategies is that sometimes you do not really get a good response and it can be confusing that you do not really know if everything is working properly or not. To resolve this issue, you can hire a professional service for user testing.

Investments are not usually big and in turn, you go through the real people in their curriculum. It is also that they record their screen during the process so that you can see where they are going and how they are communicating with everything.

If you are just Google “User Testing Service” you will get a lot of options Perhaps the most famous user is the user trial.

This isn’t meant as advice, it’s a prescription

I can not stress enough how important it is. Our support team works with people every day to answer questions and resolve any unexpected issues. Before the launch of the course program, a large percentage of the issues received can be avoided when adequate user testing is done.

So, when you make sure to complete your checklist of items for your course, be sure to include user tests. You will be glad you did!

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