Fashion auctions are popular fundraising events for various organizations, especially now that a lot of fashion fans score their wears from these events.

If you are considering organizing such an activity to generate funds for your organization, know that gathering biddable items from members of the organization and generous supporters may prove challenging. However, it’s not the most crucial thing to take care of. The true challenge lies in effectively organizing the event. There are a lot of details involved and it’s imperative to work them all in to achieve success for the activity.

Thankfully, there are auction management companies that can lend their experience and expertise to organizations that want to hold an auction to raise funds. They have staff members who can help run the program as well as various tools and equipment to ensure the smooth flow of the event.

Hosts and organizers, meanwhile, have their own responsibilities to take care of. If you are a part of an organization that will be hosting an upcoming fashion auction, here are eight of the vital dos and don’ts to keep in mind for the activity.


1. Ensure the quality of the items.

If possible, collect all the materials that the items originally came with. This is a common practice, especially in designer handbag auction sites. The pouches and certificates of authenticity are all gathered and preserved. Having all these original extras reinforces the real value of the bags.

Aside from making sure that all proofs of authenticity are present, take the time to restore the original quality of the product as well. Polish the leather and hardware. Plus, place those little packets of silica gel in the bag to absorb moisture. Lastly, you could stuff the bag with foam or crumpled paper to help maintain its shape.

2. Use the right display materials.

You’ll increase the appeal of the fashion items being auctioned off if you display them beautifully. Rent mannequins and display cases for all the biddable items. Add lighting fixtures as well; strategic lighting is a must when it comes to drawing attention to the auction pieces.

Also, make sure to print valuable information about the products, especially if there’s a viewing prior to the actual bidding activity.

3. Make the event social.

Create the right atmosphere for the event. This can make a whole world of difference in the attitude of all the guests. When there’s a happy and positive vibe, studies show that people tend to be more carefree and generous. Therefore, take advantage of this natural inclination.

Provide refreshments and entertainment. Likewise, make sure that the people involved in organizing the event are warm and welcoming. Make sure to train them to provide guests with adequate information about the event as well as build hype for the items on auction.

4. Be creative with the presentation.

One of the best ways to make a fashion auction successful is by offering something a little unexpected through the program. While some people prefer a straightforward approach, younger audiences appreciate a bit of artistry.

For instance, make use of an old-fashioned film projector in providing information about vintage pieces that were used in movies and TV shows. Not only will this bring potential buyers some welcome amusement, but the clips will also emphasize the value of the auction items.

Creating a theme for your auction will help tie the whole event together and raise everyone’s mood.

5. Use a point-of-sale system.

A POS or point-of-sale system will document or record sales accurately and quickly. In addition to this, it can also gather data about the bidding. All the data collected by the POS system can be used as a reference for future auctions in terms of guest lists and items to include.


6. Don’t scrimp on refreshments.

If it’s your organization’s first auction, allocate a more than adequate budget for refreshments. Remember, you want to create a good impression through the event. Therefore, it can work to your organization’s advantage to reward the generosity that will be displayed with gracious hospitality.

With delicious hors d’oeuvres and refreshing or soothing beverages, you can express appreciation for the support without saying a word.

7. Don’t hire an amateur auctioneer and save money.

If you are having a live auction, the experience of an auctioneer can be valuable in maintaining the smooth flow of an auction’s proceedings, so aim to hire a highly experienced one who is sure to know all the ropes instead of one who may be talented enough for the position.

For a fashion auction, you want someone who can get the job done precisely and can move the event along seamlessly. Doing these requires panache that is developed by experience. An amateur auctioneer can easily get confused, which is one of the worse things that can happen during the event.

8. Don’t make the event too exclusive.

An exclusive auction may seem more intriguing, but if your organization’s goal is to raise funds, it’s better to be inclusive, particularly if it’s your freshman attempt.

It’s better to open the event to more people because this increases profitable possibilities. You have to consider that fashion collectors are no longer just socialites from old-rich families. Young influencers, stylists, and other business entities will also be interested in fashion auctions. These people have unique ideas on fashion investments and therefore can create a livelier and more profitable setting for your auction.

It’s a good idea to provide something for everyone at the event. Some people will pay more for items while others will pay on the lower end. Having a range of items and price points will make everyone feel included.

With the information provided above, your fashion auction can become as successful as you hope it would be. In the future, you will have a much easier time organizing such an

Event and raising the money you need for your chosen cause.