Essential music

Essential music

Last night, I was enjoying my solitude with headphones on and music playing at full volume. The kind of happy and relaxed I was feeling, cannot be explained in words.

Music lovers across the globe will identify with this feeling because when listening to a good song, due to a release of dopamine in the brain, but that is a story to be discussed some other day. What we focus here is that how music has become such an important part of our lives, that it is counted as a basic need or ingredient to survive along with air, food, and water.

  • Music unites all

Although geography has separated us all, what keeps us all sane and together is the music. Music is not just a combination of lyrics and melodious tunes, it is an universal language.

It brings together people of different religions, culture, creed, caste etc. When the music starts playing, we forget how much different we are from others. We let it go and dance to our heart’s content, just like everybody else. This is the beauty of music. It unites us all.

  • Music improves focus

Many studies have shown that listening to music while doing some important work can improve your focus.

With music in your ears, you are less susceptible to react to background noise. Music also enhances brain functioning and makes you more creative and motivated.

So the next time, you are not in the mood to do your work, turn to your favorite track for all the motivation.

  • Music makes you aware of your emotions and also helps you handle them better

Music is your arsenal against your bad mood, it’s like God’s medicine to combat stress and anxiety.

If you are want to feel happy, there are loads of songs out there which can make you feel benign.

Similarly, if you want to celebrate your loneliness on a gloomy, rainy day; there are plenty of emotional songs out there too.

Then there are songs praising love, life, war, flowers etc. The gist is that your playlist has the supreme power to change your mood. Hit the play button and let all your emotions out.

  • Music is so widespread, it is impossible to imagine any sort of communication without it

Right from the humble beginnings of human history, music is the one thing which has been able to express the culture of that time in all aspects.

Music has evolved so much throughout history and now has taken so many varied forms that it forms an intricate part of the identity of any region, city or country.

A knowledge about the local music of any region or place can help you manifolds in establishing communication with the common folk and also allows you to express yourself as well.

Words will often fail you, but the music never will while expressing yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you like Bach or Michael Jackson, a music of any kind has only one purpose: to revitalize you and infuse in you a new sense of living and existence.

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