Our world is changing rapidly and new methods of developmental approaches are being emphasized with best Netflix original series with best tv shows of all time. The invention of television sets did bring a new form of Entertainment at home, and it still continues its journey, though in modern forms now. Today, we witness the evolution of smart Netflix app and the digital revolution for the new generation in best shows on Netflix 2017.

Netflix tv shows

Netflix tv shows

One of the new evolution today technology is called Netflix. It has emerged as a very popular and widely used platform for our entertainment. With Netflix, you can now watch your favorite Hollywood movies, television shows, stream media online, all these on on-demand online.

The Netflix service can be used on your smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, gaming console, etc. All you need is a device and an internet connection and you can have all the fun on Netflix.

Watch these top 10 Netflix tv shows

We have brought up a list of the best TV shows that you can watch today on Netflix.

1. Stranger Things

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

This television series started back in the year 2016. This is a drama, spiced up with science fiction, mystery, and adventure. It is a family television series that will create a thrill which is mainly focused on children, yet family members can spend a good time watching this television show on Netflix.

2. Fuller House

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Another family television series that you can enjoy watching on Netflix. This TV show has got all the flavors of parenting and the surprises that life has in store for the characters played in the show. Mixed with drama, comedy, and romance, it is one of the best television shows to watch on Netflix.

3. Lovesick

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Lovesick is a television show depicting the amusing circumstances of a young adult boy who confronts a disease that may likely ruin his life. Humor fill this kind of show and also provide a piece of entertainment which you can watch online on Netflix.

4. Wormwood

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Documentary

For those of you who love the detective-type stories, here’s one that you can watch on Netflix. This is a new television show that started in December 2017. The events date back to 1953, a scientist and former CIA employee Frank Olson’s mysterious murder in a hotel room. Watch the episodes as the mystery murder is ungrounded and the death of the scientist is brought to justice.

5. Travelers

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

This television show focuses on time traveling and saving humanity from the various means of destruction that could destroy its future. If you are fond of watching science fiction, you could watch this TV show on Netflix.

6. One Day At A Time

Genre: Drama, Comedy

This is a new television show that you can watch on Netflix. It started in January 2017. A complete family TV show and fully loaded with entertainment as the show carries on to mark the ups and downs the family goes through while looking after the family and children.

7. The Crown

Genre: Drama, History, Biography

The Crown is a 2016 television series that depicts the life and struggle of Queen Elizabeth II. Included in the television series are historical facts and biographical data about the queen of England and her time during the rivalries and power of her reign. Watch this television series on Netflix.

8. House of Cards

Genre: Drama, History, Biography

Although this television series started in the year 2013, it still has popularity with viewers. It is based on the history during the time of Frank Underwood, who was appointed as Secretary of State and how he was rivaled due to political factors that forced him to seek revenge and take things even.

9. Narcos

Genre: Drama History, Biography

This television show chronicles the story of Columbia’s drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It includes several political aspects in a rivalry. Also included in this TV series are biographical data of the powerful drug lord Pablo Escobar. During his fame and power in the world where drugs are investing in the states.

10. Master of None

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Master of None is increasing its popularity on the on-demand television show on Netflix. Thus, It is a comedy-drama about a character who is on a quest to pursue his personal as well as professional life under various circumstances.