As the new year has arrived, so are some of the greatest tech best deal and gadgets that are preparing its way to hit the markets soon as cool technology gifts trend. It is now known that technology is truly dominating the present generation and it keeps innovating its technological approaches as time passes by latest gadgets in a market and new generations come into existence.

Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets

Different types of devices are introduced with many great features every year apart from new gadgets for men. This here is going to be a bit more interesting. As we welcome the year 2018, with it comes a lot of new innovative technology. This digital generation is also going to witness the power of such gadgets and what they can do to bring new waves of experiences. Here, we have prepared a list of the upcoming gadgets which will soon be in your hands. Some of these gadgets might even not be pocket-friendly, but it’s going to be worth trying them.

In this blog, we are going to list the arrival of new tech gadgets for you. It includes many different gadgets that can shape your life and make your life easy and more digitally advanced.

New tech gadgets you can go for this year

Below is a list of Top 10 best black Friday deal gadgets that are predicted to be launching this year. Let’s take a look at these various smart devices of new technology 2017 products.

1. RED Smartphone

A new innovative smartphone that is manufactured by RED, is soon to be available for gadget freaks. The main point of focus of this smartphone is its holographic camera, which gives you a 3D video viewing experience. It can project buildings, landscapes and other objects in an interactive map. This new smartphone is yet to be launched.

2. Apple’s Homeport

Apple seems to be determined by bringing a whole new experience in listening to music. It’s a powerful smart speaker. The Homepod speaker claims to be fully integrated with Siri and Apple Music store. It has special built-in sensors to adapt to your surroundings and produce rich and dynamic sound quality, giving you the best possible experience as a music fan. Although, Other features of this smart speaker include making schedules, controlling other devices and an artificial assistant that can answer your questions (Siri). It is soon to be launched this year.

3. Oculus Go

If you have had an experience in virtual reality (VR), then it’s time that you meet the all-new Facebook’s Oculus Go with a controller. So, This device is an expansion of the Virtual Reality (VR) system. A fact about this device is that Facebook plans to make their smart Virtual Reality system cheaper so that every home can experience its usefulness.

4. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Here is a wonderful gadget for all those health-conscious people out there. The Fitbit Alta fitness tracker device is a smart-wear which you can wear on your wrist and track your health and fitness anywhere. With this device, you can keep a track of your workouts, heart rate, distance traveled or covered, calories burnt, steps walked, the time you’ve been sleeping, etc. Thus, There’s a lot more you can experience with this device.

5. Nutale GPS

The Nutale GPS is a GPS tracking device which is compatible with Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The battery of this GPS device can last for up to 30 days and it also has a memory, like a time machine, which can recall tracking information of about four weeks old. This elegant device is capable of giving you real-time tracking information. It’s one device which you are never going to lose.

6. Nintendo Gameboy by Hyperkin

Gaming freaks are going to experience some newly added features in this Nintendo Gameboy gaming console which is developed by Hyperkin. The only new features that are added to this gaming console area dialler for adjusting the backlit color, a USB port for charging the console and an enhanced stereo sound system for improved sound quality while playing your favorite games. Although, Apart from these new features introduced in the gaming console, rest everything is the same. However, with these new features, you might enjoy playing games.

7. R-9 Smartglasses

In close competition with Facebook’s all-new Virtual Reality system Oculus VR, here is another VR device that is worth trying out. It’s the R-9 Smartglasses. So, This device is a pair of sunglasses which gives you the experience to view objects in VR and AR. Though this device can be quite expensive than Facebook’s Oculus Go VR system, keep your fingers crossed.

8. Echo Show

This new Echo Show is a voice-controlled hands-device that allows you to:

  • Watch videos
  • Listen to music
  • See song lyrics
  • Chat with your friends and family
  • Make video calls
  • View weather forecast
  • Take photos
  • Shop online
  • Browse the internet
  • Listen to Audiobooks
  • Integrate with security cameras
  • Watch on-demand TV

The list just doesn’t seem to end here. there’s plenty more of things that this hands-free smart device can do to make your personal and social life easier and more entertaining.

9. Samsung Gear VR Headset

The Samsung Gear VR Headset is a new revolutionary smart VR device which comes with a controller. It has a touchpad and you can also play games non-stop on this VR Headset. Primarily focused on delivering an extensive VR experience. So, it is soon to discover what surprises this smart VR device has in store for the gadget enthusiasts.

10. Amazon Echo

The online E-commerce giant has come up with their device called Amazon Echo. Thus, The device can be controlled by voice command as this device has an inbuilt artificial assistant named Alexa amazon gadgets 2017. You can speak with Alexa and get weather updates, ask to play music, turn the device’s lights on and off, all these with just your voice command.

As of now, these are the main smart devices that are soon to touch the best new tech gadgets 2018. So, People who are enthralled with technology can check out these innovative smart devices that are going to change the world we are currently living in best electronic gadgets to buy for a different purpose.