HR Professional Certifications

HR Professional Certifications

Even as there was a time when a certification in HR was not considered as mandate, it was considered helpful in gaining you that coveted job or even promotion. Cut to present day and time, even the candidates have started realizing the importance and worth of human resource certifications and are already enrolling themselves for HR certification courses.

Certification In HR And Your Career Growth Certifications are a third party validations and ensures your recruiters about your dedication and commitment to your profession.

Certifications also adds a stamp of approval on your skills and qualifications. So if you wish to succeed in your career, you would also need the certifications and credentials that would enhance your chances of getting the job or that promotion.

Now that you know certifications are important, let’s see which certifications should you choose from and why.
Human Resource Certifications And Your Career.

Here are some of the prominent HR certifications you can choose from. All these are the certifications from reputed certification institutes that are recognized and respected in the industry.

 So here are some of the certifications that you may like to go for and once you have decided which one to go for, you can enroll through the institutes for the complete HR Certification Course.

1. Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)
2. Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
3. Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
4. SHRM Certified Professionals (SHRM-CP)
5. SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)
6. Talent Management Practitioner (TMP)
7. Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP)

These are the names of the certifications. Now let’s see some of the prominent institutes offering these certifications.

1. HRCI or Human Resource Certification Institute:

HRCI is one of the oldest and the renowned certification institutes for HR Certifications. It offers certifications courses in HR for beginners, professionals seeking to showcase their HR skills to their current or future employers. Therefore, the prominent and the most popular ones being Professional In Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

2. SHRM or Society for Human Resource Management:

SHRM is another institute that offers professional HR certifications to students. The certifications include SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and Senior SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). These two certifications are widely accepted in the industry and prepares the individuals to face any challenges thrown by the industry in the course of their job and even during internship.

3. TMI or Talent Management Institute:

Another reputed institute for HR Certifications is TMI or Talent Management Institute. Talent Management Institute offers certifications for beginners and professionals and also for the ones who wish seek work internationally. While Talent Management Institute or TMI offers HR certifications offers certifications at three levels, the two most prominent or popular certifications include Talent Management Practitioner (TMP), Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP).

4. Association For Talent Development:

Another renowned and probably one of the oldest, Association For Talent Development or ATD as it is known now, is believed to be world’s largest association that is geared towards training and development profession. Thus, One of the renowned certifications offered by ATD is Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

These are some of the prominent certifications that are widely accept by the industry experts and are widely accept by them as valid HR certifications in the industry. Armed with these certifications you would not only earn the due respect from your recruiters during the job interview, but you would also become their first choice when it’s promotion time in your organization. Thus, Certifications are proof against job layoffs as well.