Early Childhood Education implies educating children before they go to school. It prepares children to develop their learning skill to fair well in their later education in school and colleges. Gone are the days when parents were considered the first educators of children. The Australian government has realized that children should be educated right from their infancy stage.

The government has designed the early childhood settings through Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Quality Standard.  A number of institutions have come up to impart training to childcare educators. After job seekers childcare courses Perth is an institution. If you intend to have a secure career with lucrative remuneration, you can join this institution to get either certificate3 childcare or diploma of early childhood education and care Perth.

Here are the 5 reasons why should become an early childhood educator.

1. Flourishing Industry

The website of ‘Job Outlook’ has estimated that by November 2019, more than 50,000 pre-school teachers will be required. In addition to this, the expected increase in population will definitely lead to increase in prospective pre-school learners. Besides the child day care centers, elementary and secondary schools employ 12 percent of pre-school teachers. Moreover, professional, religious and civic organizations employ about 17 percent pre-school teachers.

2. Increasing Focus on Parents

Most parents have started realizing the importance and need for early childhood education. They want that before entering the Kindergarten (KG), their kids should have proper training with regard to their academic, intellectual, physical, language and literacy, emotional, problem-solving and social development and the overall brain development. The objective is to ‘get set’ to go faster to meet the real competition and challenges of adulthood.

3. Advocacy For Childhood Education

You acquire the knowledge, experience, and resources to influence officials at the state, the local and national level for advocating improvement in the prevailing educational system at pre-school and school stages. Besides government, you can advocate for the needs of your students to non-profit organizations and other groups. Ultimately, you get the best education for your students.

4. Second Parents to Students

Kids up to the age of five spend their time with their parents or pre-school teachers; either at school or at home. They are innocent like angels but can be too naughty to bewilder you. If you have a passion for education, patience, poise and a sense of humor, you will enjoy working with students, as a pre-school teacher. Sharing of knowledge gives a kind of satisfaction which no other profession can give you. Think how it feels like to be a benefactor.

5. Noble, Respectful & Remunerative Profession

You are a sculptor or a potter who can mound the internal as well as external features of a child. You can utilize your creativity and innovative traits. At the same time, you will get a lucrative remuneration.