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Mobile Phone Apps

Most Important Android Phone Apps

Smartphones have gained massive popularity among gadget enthusiasts all over the world. Thus, with the development of technology-driven smartphones, it has also created an opportunity for many users to fulfill its purpose.

People of all age use smartphones these days. It delivers a range of applications which have made the lives of individuals easy and resourceful.

Though smartphones come with a few pre-installed applications to suit your needs, there are also additional apps which you can install on your Android phones right away. The process is very simple and quick.

Applications for Android smartphones can be downloaded and installed through their software management software called Google Play Store. Google Play Store is an in-built centralized software which houses millions of free and commercial applications from various developers. These Android applications come in various categories such as productivity tools, utility apps, games, social media network, entertainment, e-books, and so on.

If you have recently purchased a new Android smartphone, we are going to provide you with some of the useful apps that will make your experience more beneficial.

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Install these useful apps on your Android smartphone today

Here is a list of the most popular and useful apps that you should install on your Android smartphone right away. These apps are available in Google Play Store on your Android smartphones.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a free mobile application you can install and use on your Android smartphone. It is an online messenger app, in which you can communicate with your friends and family by exchanging media – text, documents, images, audio, and videos. You can also have video conferences with your friends from your Android smartphone through this app.

After gaining a lot of popularity and having millions of users in just a few years of its launch, the WhatsApp Messenger app is now owned by the social media giant Facebook.

If you haven’t installed this app on your Android smartphone yet, you are missing something on your phone. Simply go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and download the app.

  1. Facebook Messenger

In competition with the WhatsApp Messenger app, there is another social media app that is built on your Android smartphones. It’s called the Facebook Messenger app. This app is similar to WhatsApp Messenger in communication. You can chat with your friends, send and receive images, videos and songs. Using Facebook Messenger creates a flexible environment that you can experience on your Android smartphone.

Here, you can invite your friends to join you on the Facebook Messenger app and start communicating immediately. One major advantage of using this app on your Android smartphone is that you do not require to login to your Facebook profile on the website. This app is pretty useful when you simply want to chat with your friends without having to access your Facebook profile.

The Facebook Messenger app is available in the Google Play Store for download.

  1. Facebook

When social media hit the markets, Facebook emerged as one of the most popular social media networking websites. It topped the list of social media sites and currently have over billions of users from all parts of the world. It became a choice of people from all walks of life.

Facebook has developed an app, which gives you a more flexible experience to socialize with your friends and family, anytime and from any place. The Facebook app does not require you to access its website, as you can simply log in through the app and access your profile, send and receive messages, chat with friends, upload posts on your Timeline, update profile picture and Cover photo, view your friends, post comments, and much more. You can do all these without having to go to the social media website via your internet browser. Everything is there on the Facebook app.

It is a useful app for your Android smartphone and it allows you to do tasks and has easy navigation responsiveness.

  1. Twitter

Twitter has also launched its stand-alone application that can run on your Android smartphone. It is another successful social media app with regards to Facebook. Similar to Facebook, you can access the Twitter app without the need for accessing via their website on your internet browser. Once you are signed in to the Twitter app, you are taken to your profile, where you can view new tweets, messages, updates, and people who are following you.

Using the Twitter app, you can do everything that is possibly done on the website. It’s an easy-to-access app and it gives you the flexibility to post your tweets no matter where you are located.

  1. Instagram

The Instagram app is a free to use photo and video sharing service and mobile application that you can use on your Android smartphones. This app has plenty of features and offers automatic updates for the application.

Simply go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and download the Instagram app for free. Using your email address and password, you can access your account on the app.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest app is an interesting social network application developed for smartphones. With this app, you can discover and learn to make your life easy. The app is used for providing information to its users through photos, GIFs, and videos. You can learn new recipes, find new ideas of decorating your home, live a healthy life by learning helpful ways and tips, get to know about clothing trends around the world, discover a collection of things, and so on.

There’s plenty of things that you can do on Pinterest.

  1. Amazon

This amazing online shopping app makes your e-shopping experience more fun. It fulfills all the purposes that users can do via their website. It provides vast categories of online shopping deals such as electronics, clothes, home appliances, tools and equipment, gadgets, etc. The Amazon app is built with responsiveness so that you can shop online with easy navigation.

The Amazon app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Install this app for free and start shopping.

  1. eBay

If you have been using eBay website on your internet browser for quite some time, it is a time that you move ahead and starts using the mobile app. It is a useful app that you can install on your Android smartphone via Google Play Store. This app offers both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer trade. You can shop for fashion apparels, appliances, electronics, sports equipment, etc. You can trade your items using this mobile app for your Android smartphone.

  1. SHAREit

The SHAREit app is an advanced technology of the commonly available Bluetooth on your phones and computers. It is faster than Bluetooth. This free app for your Android smartphone lets you send and receive media files and documents easily and at blazing speed.

The app is easy to use. It does not require Bluetooth or USB to function, and no internet data as well. Simply install the SHAREit app on your desired smartphones to send and receive your favorite songs, videos, movies, presentation files, documents, and photos. The only criteria for using this app is that both smartphones must have this app installed in order to exchange media files. It works in the close-range distance only.

  1. UC Browser

The UC browser is a free internet browser for your Android smartphone. The benefit of using this browser application is that it has more features as compared to what is offered by the popular Chrome and Safari internet browsers.

UC Browser is fast and responsive and gives you a wonderful experience. You can browse the internet, download multiple files simultaneously, manage your main page with other apps and links, and much more. It also has the feature of saving your internet data.

You can get the UC Browser app directly from Google Play Store and experience safe and fast browsing.

  1. Truecaller

The Truecaller app is a very useful mobile application and is currently available for all mobile operating system platforms. If you daily get annoy by unknown callers and want to get rid of them. Then, this app will surely do the job for you.

To use this app on your Android smartphone, you must first, register with your existing phone number. It has an integrated caller ID service, social media integration to keep your phone-book updated and a call blocking feature.

This app works at the international level and protects you from spam callers as well. Download the Truecaller app from Google Play Store and secure yourself from unknown callers.

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar has become a very popular mobile application for gadget enthusiasts. It offers the simplest way for your online entertainment. You can watch movies, television shows, sports, news, stream media online and watch on-demand videos, all these on your Android smartphone.

Head over to Google Play Store and download this entertainment app for free.

  1. Paytm

Paytm app is your alternative to online payments or e-payment. In this fast growing world of e-commerce, this app comes very handily. It is safe to use the app on your Android smartphone and you don’t need to spend cash for making bill payments, recharging online and even booking movie tickets online.

The Paytm app is your digital wallet, and you don’t have to worry about finding banks and ATMs no matter where you are. It thus, makes your digital experience a whole lot better. This powerful application provides new features, functionalities, and services.

You can get this app from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

  1. VLC Media Player

The most popular media app is here for your smartphones. This widely used application in desktops and laptops have made their way to the mobile operating system platform. This app lets you play and stream videos, songs, and movies. It supports basically all standard file formats, plus additional file formats which exist in your device’s built-in media player.

Create playlists of your favorite songs and listen to them directly on your Android smartphone.

VLC media player app is now available in Google Play Store for download.

  1. Avast Anti-virus

Like computers and laptops, even smartphones require security these days. Therefore, to accomplish this, you have the Avast anti-virus app on your Android smartphone. This app keeps your smartphone secured from unwanted activities and online threats.

Apart from protecting your smartphone from vulnerable attacks, the app also features junk cleaner, Anti-theft, Wi-Fi scanner, memory booster and app locker.

If you are concerned about the security of your Android smartphone, the Avast anti-virus app will do the job for you.

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