Wonder why you are called an Aquarius? Well, it’s all about astrology and zodiac signs, where the planets of our solar system are believed to have some important control on every one of us living on this planet.

This may seem to be a scientific reason for some, while for others, this may appear to be a myth. But, one thing is for sure, these are derived from the Greek mythology. Hence, you have the names of the zodiac signs, and there are stories behind them as well.

As per our calendar, there are twelve zodiac signs, also known as constellations or astrological signs. Each of the zodiac signs has certain unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses which makes each one different from the other.

The position of the planets, including the sun, could have a direct or indirect effect on us. Astrological or zodiac signs comprise of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, if put on the calendar list.

Who is an Aquarius?

In astrology, Aquarius is a zodiac sign. It is the eleventh zodiac sign that bears the symbol of a water-bearer. Generally, people who are born between January 21 and February 18, are called Aquarius.

When a person is born between January 21 and February 18, it is said that the sun is in Aquarius. The planets and constellation in the universe, as we know, all play a significant role right from the birth of our planet Earth as well as the living and non-living beings that reside in the planet.

If you don’t already know what qualities you bear which makes you an Aquarius, fret not. You can find it out over here.

15 Reasons that prove you are an Aquarius

If you are born between January 21 and February 18, you are called an Aquarius. And, do you know what are the qualities of an Aquarius? Read through to know the specialties that will tell you how you are different from people of various zodiac signs.

1. You are unique

An Aquarius person is an independent individual who loves to be what he or she is and doesn’t really bother about what others may think of you.

2. You find happiness in little things

You live your life in simplicity. People of this zodiac are not affected by the much materialistic world and you prefer being happy with the little that you have or observe around you.

3. You are full of surprises

Surprising others and being surprised yourself is in your nature.

4. You love to be around with people

People of this zodiac are loves to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of your life as best as you can. You also love to be around with people and people love having you with them.

5. You are honest

You bear an honest nature of yourself. Your friends and other people who know you will appreciate your interest in listening to them and understanding them. Thus, People often approach you if they need honest opinions.

6. You love to live in the present moment

You love to live in the present moment and be aware of what is around you.

7. You are a hard-working person

You love to take on a challenge and you work very hard to achieve what you want.

8. You prefer intelligence over physical appearance

You do not consider much of the physical appearance of a person who you meet or are friends with. Rather, you expect the person to be intellectual and smart.

9. You love nature

You love to be out in the nature surrounding you. People of this zodiac sign are also keen on being adventurous. Also, This makes you very unique and this is one reason why people love to be around you.

10. You are faithful

Your faithful attachment towards your loved ones makes you their favorite one. Also, You have a strong loyalty towards your friends and family. Thus, You don’t betray people.

11. You are an optimist

People of this zodiac are very optimistic. You see things on the bright side and are not favored to one view. So, You create a balance in your opinions and views about things and people.

12. You revive yourself

Since Aquarius people have clear hearts for their friends and family, they may also get hurt at times. When you are hurt by someone taking advantage of you or misleading you for something, you lose your spirits and break down. This is common. However, you have the strong ability to regenerate yourself.

13. You see the best in people

When you encounter someone anywhere by chance, or you have friends, families, and relatives, you are always accustomed to looking at the good things about people. So, This is what draws you more towards others.

14. You are a dreamer

You dream big and have big ambitions.

15. You back others

You always the back of people who are close to you, or probably acquainted with you. Thus, People find you worthy of supporting them in pursuing their passion. Not just that, they find you a lot more worthy when they realize that you are there for them, anywhere.

Your zodiac sign describes you

Because of your optimistic nature, friendliness, and loyalty, you can surely change the world and make the world a better place for living.

So, if you think or feel that the characteristics which are given above relate directly or indirectly to your natural traits, then you must be an Aquarius, and a good one, too.