Pro Tools

Pro Tools

New ways are being implemented in promoting a business on the internet. You have heard of the social media platform, which is also a very popular and effective platform that entrepreneurs and other individuals use for having their business reached out to more people.

Through the social media platform, you are able to present your ideas as well as business that may influence people and make them feel interested. If you own a website that focuses more on providing information, whether to the general public or to various businesses, you are required to present information that would make your audiences feel interested. Information can be displayed in many innovative ways, especially if we are talking about the information which we seek online.

Have you heard about infographics?

An example of this type of innovative way of presenting is currently delivered by the social media network service called Pinterest. I believe many of you have heard about Pinterest. It is a popular site which displays ‘infographics’ to its audiences.

The graphical information that you see, especially as images with text, are what is called the infographics. Infographics is basically a technical term which means presenting information through the use of graphics. It could be in the form of an image or a video.

You can create infographics and add amazing pictures, geometrical shapes and text. To do this, you will need a tool, a software application to help you accomplish this task.

Also, to help you narrow your search for finding such tools, take some time and have a look at these couple of great tools. These tools have been listed that provide easy steps in creating infographics, whether you want to create just for fun or you want to use them for your business. The various infographic-making tools are offered as both free and commercial editions.

Personal users may use the free edition of the web-based service tools, while businesses can go for the commercial edition of their tools.

5 Pro tools for creating infographics

You can easily create some amazing infographics with the help of these fine tools. These are easily available on the internet.

Please note that the list that appears here is in a general order and not ranked.

Have a look at the various tools which are given below.

1. Google Charts

Initially, developed in the year 2007 and now Google has come out with a stable release of their Google Charts web-based service interface tool for developers.

Google Charts is an online tool which lets you create infographics. This tool is specially used in creating statistical data, such as pie chart, line chart, bar chart, treemap, column chart, area chart and geo chart for your business. You are provided with the Google Visualization API in order to create infographic charts which you can use on your website. It comes as a free web-based interface tool.


2. Infogram

Infogram is also a web-based tool that lets you create many graphs, charts, dashboards, maps, reports and social media visuals from a single platform. The tool offers a quick and easy drag-drop functionality to ease your task. You can also choose from various pre-built designs.

This tool allows you to create infographics that you can use on your website and other online services which you might own.

It comes as a commercial online tool, however, you can try it for free.


3. Canva Infographic Maker

Canva provides three editions of their web tool. These are the free edition, work edition and enterprise edition. It is developing specially for home users, students, teachers, non-profit and charity, small businesses and large companies.

This tool has diverse features other than creating infographics that you can choose from according to your purpose. Canva’s infographic maker allows you to create infographics via drag-drop.


4. Visme

Visme is a web service that lets you create infographics. It comes with three plans, basic, standard and complete. This web tool specifically caters to the needs of individuals, education institutes, and non-profit organizations.

The tool lets you share and download infographics as well. It provides you with pre-designed infographics, report templates, content blocks, tables, data widgets, icons, and images. You can also edit and customize your infographics with the available fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.


5. Easelly

Easelly is again a web-based infographics creator tool that lets you make reports, summaries, timelines and much more. The web interface tool also provides various templates and customizations to help you make infographics easily.

This online tool comes with a free tool which can upgrade.


Make professional infographics

You can try some of these web tools for creating infographics which you can use for personal or business purposes. Every infographic-making tool has their own sets of features and packages that are available for individuals and businesses.

Thus, Infographics are currently becoming a trend in the online world. It is a simple and easy way of providing as well as sharing informative text as images on your site to your visitors.