Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is an integral part of the construction industry. While executing a construction project, contractors have to cut concrete on several occasions to meet their requirements. Therefore, it’s important for them to maintain high standards of safety. Yes, you should not ignore the safety aspect while cutting the concrete.

However, cutting concrete that is of a high standard requires certain relevant skills. It is a task that requires high precision each time you execute a concrete cutting project. In other words, you need accurate concrete cutting skills for a wide variety of construction projects like demolition, renovation, patio remodelling, and constructing the new ones.

Safety has to be taken as the primary concern while doing the job of concrete cutting. In general, any job in a construction industry requires you to maintain utmost safety and high precision. Therefore, precision and security go hand in hand while doing tasks like concrete cutting. Moreover, you also need to consider the kinds of blades and tools you use for cutting the concrete.

Here are some useful tips that will help you cut the concrete precisely and safely.

Options For Concrete Sawing

When you have to perform the task of concrete cutting, tools and equipment are crucial. The whole job of concrete cutting depends on what types and quality of tools you use. There are a wide variety of tools and equipment that are available for concrete cutting professionals to accomplishing their job effectively.

Let us take a look at these important tools that will help you do the job effectively with precision.

Wet Cutting Diamond Blades

As the name suggests, these blades are supported by water. It keeps the blade cool and lubricated. Also, these blades dampen down the dust while cutting the concrete, reducing the amount of dust that generates during the process. Cutting the concrete with a wet diamond blade can do the job fastest and in the cleanest way possible. The biggest drawback of using this blade is that it needs a specific saw that can work alongside water.

Dry Cutting Diamond Blades

A dry cutting diamond blade consists of a toothed rim that keeps it free from the buildup waste. You can prevent the blade from overheating by using it to make a series of gradually deeper cuts. Make sure not to use it for a singular deep cut, or else it may overheat. The biggest drawback of dry cutting is that it creates a lot of dust. Therefore, if you are cutting the concrete indoors, make sure to close all doors in the room to prevent the dust from travelling to other rooms.

Abrasive Corundum Masonry Blades

When you have to do a shallow cutting, these blades are quite useful. However, these blades can quickly wear out, but they are also not too expensive if you have to replace them. To make the better use of the blade, you can try adjusting the position of the saw.

One of the drawbacks of using these blades is they release a smell and glow from the amount of heat generated due to the friction.

Significant Tips For Cutting The Concrete

Consider The Material While Using The Kind Of Saw For Cutting

If you find that your blade suddenly stops cutting, it may be due to the softness of the material. So, make sure the concrete is not too soft because diamond cutting edges are designed to cut the hard material only.

Do Not Force The Cutting

You should never force the saw for cutting the concrete. Instead, let the weight of the saw do the job or else it might damage the blades because of the hard material.

Keep The Protection Gears On While Doing The Job

It is very important that you should wear ear and eye protection when doing dry sawing concrete. The dry sawing produces a great amount of dust, which can affect your eyes and ears.

Proper Use Of Blades

When you use a wet blade, make sure to use it with water, while you can use a dry blade with or without water.

Do Not Let The Blade To Overheat

The constant running of the blade can make it overheated. To prevent this, you can allow the blade to run off its own accord for roughly around 30 seconds.

Make The Use Of A Hammer And Chisel

When you cut the concrete and you don’t need to make perfectly straight and even lines, you can make the use of a hammer and chisel to score the concrete block before cutting it. You can start by outlining the area you need to remove by using the chisel.

Cutting the concrete needs 100% precision and you should be skilled at doing it correctly. So, make sure to use the right kind of saw, along with taking all the necessary precautions.