Bushfires still continue to claim properties and a lot of the time lives year after year in Brisbane. According to the fire service in Queensland, there are quite a few things that can be done to reduce the risk of losing your home. And they find that the tree removals in Brisbane the key to preventing fire hazards.

The state government along with the national fire service have come up with a plan for reducing fire hazards. Along with back burning in key locations to create fire breaks. The fire department says there is plenty that can be done by the homeowners themselves.

Tree removal around your home

Now that we have passed laws that allow homeowners in Brisbane to remove trees. That is within 10 meters of their home and undergrowth within 50 meters of residential properties.

Reduce the risk of losing your home and your life! You would think that more people would be taking advantage to protect their family.

The fact is that less than a 3rd of residents have cleared trees near their homes as a prevention method.

The main reason for residents is the cost of contracting for tree removal in Brisbane is so high. Residents are having to simply do without, even though it puts them and their families at risk.

Government subsidies

The best answer to this would be to have the government pay half of the cost of tree removal, elevating the burden for homeowners.

The fact that Brisbane residents pay such high council rates and federal taxes, it stands to reason. That the government should be making the state-owned land backing onto private property less of a fire risk.

This can be done by removing a corridor of trees on public land backing onto privately owned properties. or paying half of the cost of tree removal as it related to the current fire prevention laws.

The “10/50” rule

The current laws for tree removal in Brisbane as it relates to fire hazards allows removal. of trees within 10m of your home and undergrowth within 50m. Some even say the current rules and laws laid out by the state government. And fire services for tree removal in high-risk areas for fire do not go far enough.

Some would like to see the 10-meter rule extended to 20 meters allowing a lot of larger space around homes to be cleared.

Timing is key

Local councils have expressed that they would like to see residents. Prepare for the hotter months by removing trees and undergrowth in the winter.

People are simply leaving it too late to remove their trees. There is no point waiting until there is a fire just a meters away from your home before getting house insurance. So why wait when removing your trees as a prevention method?

It makes sense to be prepared and even more sense to be prepared well in advance. Don’t leave the health and safety of your family to chance and make sure you are fully prepared with trees and undergrowth cleared each year in the cooler month.