When parents look at their kids playing video games and engage most of their time looking at the big screen, wasting all their energy in pressing those buttons. They fail to see that it might also be a creative outlet for them to foster their imagination. With today’s technology and platforms available, kids as small as kindergarten can create applications on games based on their unique imagination – which does not take much time.

Neither does this require to be skilled in any programming language or have any prior experience, it just needs creativity to build it. If kids enjoy playing games or even edit the existing ones and designing it from scratch, it can help them bring the ideas to the screen, and for doing so, Pressbook is just a great place. Artists and creative professionals can also upload their work over this platform and show people about their innovations.


Pressbook is different from other platforms as this is a place. Which focuses on sharing, discovering and finding inspiration from other people. It allows creative people to connect to each other along with displaying their visuals online for other people. It allows you to create your pressbook, publish works, and add tags, description, and title.

You can also share your work on another online platform like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook through Pressbook. You can browse other professionals and connect with them discovering their innovations. Pressbook allows people to showcase their work by pressing them, which originally belongs to them. But can be re-pressed by others to extend the scope of your work.

Individuals who are trying to build their profile on their work or professionals who want to connect with other people who align with their interests can go to Pressbook. Games and Toys are now not just restricted to kids but also adults. People are coming up with innovative ideas and designs to build their own along. Pressbook helps people who have talent in every field to show that over to the world. It lets artists show their talent who has a knack for designing games and toys.

Online Platform

Making the best use of the online platform is very important. In this industry, there are several toy designers, video game designers, artists, model makers, etc. The wide range of jobs speaks for itself that there are many individuals out there who are not able to show what they are capable of. The market is growing with a lot of designers trying to make their way. This platform lets people grow with their work, look at other people’s works, and their ideas regarding games and a variety of toys.

All the hard work that you put-in, all the time you spent on designing the game and toys, the sleepless nights, will finally give the result when you can finally show people what you did. It will help you grow among other people and build your confidence.