Car Painted

Car Painted

4 Things To Keep In Mind When You Do It

Believe it or not, everyone is very possessive about their cars. Those who own one, are very protective about it! One dent, one scratch and they will lose their head. And why not, after all cars are one of the most valuable possession anyone has and if it is your first one, then the love never ceases to exist.

It is not just that the cars are your daily ride around the town, but they are also the reason why most of their trip plans could materialise, why most of the dates with their first crush could culminate in long drives and why the sudden, late night coffee cravings could be fulfilled. These are just a few reasons that I have listed, there are many more. The reasons of the never- ending love story are too many to count!

But there is another harsh truth, your ladylove will not always remain the same. With time and with rough use, it may wear down, lose its shine, the speed and may get other flaws. You will need to have regular servicings done so that it is in good condition if not in its best one. A lot of time, you may not be able to handle it properly and the end result maybe a scratch or dent. In those times, you need to rush to a authorised mechanic immediately.

Intention of bringing in changes with their favorite ride

A lot of car owners, out of their love and intention of bringing in changes with their favorite ride, also choose to go for a makeover! If you are interested in that, there are a lot of ways by which you can do that. Changing the interiors by replacing the seat covers, putting in new lights, a new music system with louder levels and the most exciting one is to get the car painted in a new, fascinating color. Car painting is done in specific color booths which you need to find. Such booths are installed by companies like PB Metal Finishing systems which are experts in putting up coating booths.

There are a lot of things if you are making up your mind on colouring your car. Let us see a few of them.


getting your car painted is a costly affair. It may easily cost you a few hundred pounds to maybe a couple of thousand pounds to give your car the finish you want. It depends on the condition of the car, the service you hire and also the kind of paint you are going to use for the car that will give you an estimate of the total expenditure. Make sure you do not make the choice of paint, both the colour and type without consulting an expert.

Removing everything from inside

when you will take you car for the paint after all the cost estimate. The painters will inform you that they will have to remove pretty much everything from the inside, including the engine for an extensive and proper car painting. They will remove the seat covers, the seat, the console, the dashboard and everything else inside the car. So that they can paint the car properly and do not leave even an inch. This is also why the car painting takes a long time because of the removing and fitting in of all the components before and after the painting.

Preparing the car for the painting

understandably so, for the new paint to gleam, the older one has to be removed thoroughly. If the vehicle has any dent or marks. They will have to be smoothed out first and then hidden. So that the new color does not look rugged. It is a very time consuming process as the paint shop will have to first remove the existing wax and clear coat. Then remove the existing paint and then spray the new color for the perfect finish. At times, the car needs more than one coats of primer for the intended finish.

The after effects

firstly, getting a car painted is an expensive deal and also quite time consuming. Owing to the long prep work and the main colouring process. You must know it will take at least a week to get back your car. Also, it affects the resale value negatively. No matter how fabulous your car looks now, the resale value will decrease after you get the car painted.

Author Bio: Phil Irwell works as marketing manager for PB Metal Finishing Systems. They’re the UK’s leading manufacturer of top quality powder coating equipment for the finishing industry.