We live in a unique era. We are blessed with the most innovative and wonderful forms of technology and yet plagued by the most horrific diseases, war, starvation, and destruction of earth’s environment. The climate is rapidly damage. If we do not permanently adopt a green, environment-friendly lifestyle, there will be no way to save the ecosystem from its inevitable destruction, which is fast approaching.

One of the biggest ways to conserve energy is through discarding traditional forms of energy like fuel, coal, electric and use sustainable forms of energy like solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, wave power, tidal energy, bio-energy, geothermal energy etc. The purpose of this blog is to talk about the benefits of solar energy and why it should be more popular; how it should replace traditional forms of energy.

solar energy Calgary

solar energy Calgary

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What is solar energy? This question comes first. Simply put, solar energy is the energy emit by the sun. The light and heat emitted from the sun are harnessed by different kinds of technologies like solar thermal energy, solar heating, solar architecture, photovoltaic cells and artificial photosynthesis.

These processes are carry out in thermal power plants. It is also known as solar power. Solar energies are of two types— active solar energy and passive solar energy, depending on the method how the Sunlight and heat are captured and transformed into solar energy. Solar energy is a clean, sustainable energy that has zero negative effect on the environment. The benefits of solar energy are as follows:

1. Renewable resource:

Traditional energy sources like oil, coal are finite. Eventually, we will run out of these resources. However, the sun’s core is not going to run out of its energy, at least not in the next few billion years. It is also a renewable form of the resource since it can use repeatedly. The sun is a gigantic mass of energy that has the power to act as the energy source of Earth for billions of years.

2. Clean energy:

Solar energy emits no CO2 or any other toxic greenhouse gas that would corrode earth’s atmosphere and cause global warming. The usage of solar power causes no pollution at all, making it a green and clean energy.

3. Protects resources:

Solar power emits no toxic substance into the air or soil, thus preventing air and soil pollution. The harnessing of solar energy requires no water, hence, preventing depletion of freshwater resources and water pollution.

4. Saves money:

Solar power is a cost-effective form of energy. Solar panels are much cheaper than traditional forms of energy. They are a long-term investment as they can last and function for a long amount of time. Many countries offer special incentives for solar panels in homes, schools, hospitals, and offices. If you create surplus solar energy, you can sell it to factories and power grid and earn money in return.

5. Creates jobs:

The increasing popularity of alternative forms of energies has given rise to the clean energy industry. These forms of energies require more workforce rather than machinery, hence helping create thousands of new jobs.

Solar power is absorbing and convert into energy through solar panels. These panels generate heat and electricity by absorbing and harnessing the sun’s heat and light. The process through which solar panels work is name as “photovoltaic effect”.

The amount of energy that a solar panel can generate depends on its size, construction, and content. The Maximum Power Point (MPP) value of a solar panel is used to calculate its efficiency to generate heat and electricity. A solar panel usually lasts for a long period, making it a sound investment, economically as well.

Solar Power

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solar energy Calgary

solar energy Calgary

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So, what more reason do you want? So, Get ready to live a green and clean life, starting with typing “solar energy in Calgary”.