Web design is one of the essential elements for preparing websites. It consists of various categories like web page layout, content production, and graphic design. Web design is also known as web development. For Web design, you use scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web design is the subdivision of web development.

Web design is imperative for creating web pages as it makes your website more attractive, which in turn attracts more visitors to your website. These days’ websites are widely used for expanding a business, shopping, marketing etc. If you have an impressive web design, you tend to attract more customers and you will know about their interests and make changes accordingly.

You can create a web page several in several ways:

 1. Create Your File

When you create a web page base, you must ensure that you have a good system with a fast OS. On your computer screen, you must go towards the lowermost part of your screen that indicates show your desktop. If you are using a Mac device, then that button will not be shown.

On your device right click and then go to the menu. Thus, The menu is displayed, and you can click on the new option. After clicking on new, you can click on the text document. Therefore, When you are saving your file, you must save it with an HTML extension.

2. Edit Your Web Page

If you wish to make any changes in the webpage that you have created, you may click on the start button. After choosing the start button, click on ‘run’. When the run box displayed the word, notepad can be used for typing information. The word is typed, and you can complete the process by clicking ‘OK’. When this process is completed, it opens in the notepad (windows).

Notepad can be used for making notes and for making web pages. You can make any type of web page using the notepad. You can open the notepad and click on the internet web page in the Notepad. In the notepad, you must click on the file and open the file. The HTML extension should be opened. Also,  You will see a blank page in the notepad.

 3. Add some content to your Web Page

It is difficult to make a web page using a programming language. It is simple to make an attractive webpage without a programming language. In the blank space of the page, you must type

At the beginning of the program, you must type “PRE” in the brackets as shown. There is a backslash before ‘PRE’. This is the header tags— you can insert pictures in it and write whatever is necessary for the program. You can insert the pictures by selecting the pictures and copying the address of the picture and add .jpg or.JPEG at the end. If you want to have different sizes, you can use h1, which is the biggest font size, and h6 is the smallest size. Thus, If you want to have a hyperlink, you can use a href.

4. Test Your Web Page on the Internet

You must check whether your web page is working properly or not. Therefore, For checking if the webpage is working properly or not you must first connect it to the internet. You must click on any browser. Wait for the page to load.

If you want to see the web page in the browser, you have to go to the browser to check the webpage. So, After opening the browser, click on the file. A menu option is displayed. So that, After clicking on the menu, you must click on open and press ‘OK’. The web page loads in the web browser.

5. View Your Changes in the Browser

If you are not satisfied with your webpage, you can make changes by clicking on the open option in the notepad. When you open, you can type the file in which you have created the web page. You can make changes in the notepad and then save them. Thus, You can click on refresh on the browser to check the changes that you have made.

6. Email Your Internet Web Page to Your Friends

If you have completed setting up your webpage, you can share your web page not only with your friends, also with everyone else via email. Then your friends may, in turn, will share a webpage with others. This way, you will get more visitors to your web page.

web design

web design

Some essential tips that will help you to create a web page

  1. If you require extra space in your content use spacer GIF— a clear image can be set to any size.
  2. If you want to add a border to your web page, use <TABLE> to BORDER set to 1.
  3. For getting more visitors to your web page, you must have a short and attractive keyword.
  4. Press F5 so that your friends can view the changes on your webpage.