We have listed some of the greatest technology books for readers. Each of these books is based on the various aspects and contrasts of the powerful technological approaches that play significant roles not only in shaping the world but also how technology is slowly possessing humans both in our personal and professional lives.

Top 15 Greatest Technology Books for ultimate deal In 2017

Let’s take a look at some of these books which are listed below:

1. The Black Box Society

Author: Frank Pasquale

About this book

Through this book, the author exposes the unethical practices and the hidden lines of algorithmic code that controls both money and information, from the Silicon Valley to the Wall Street.

2. Steve Jobs

Author: Walter Isaacson

About this book

The author writes a biography about the life and passion of Steve Jobs, how the 20th-century creative entrepreneur brought innovative ideas in the field of information technology books and shaped the world with his so-called inventions.

3. The Open Organization

Author: Jim Whitehurst

About this book

This book is written by Jim Whitehurst, who is the CEO of Red Hat. The book focuses on building a strong collective workforce community to boost revenue through performance and passion that will inevitably lead you to success.

4. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Author: Ashlee Vance

About this book

The author writes about how Elon Musk’s world-changing companies such as, Tesla Motors, PayPal, SpaceX, and SolarCity is changing the industries and how new innovations are being sparked in the global competition.

5. The New Digital Age

Authors: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

About this book

The authors of this book talk about how technology is creating an impact on the world and its powers of changing the world that is hard to predict.

6. Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Author: Nick Bostrom

About this book

The book is a philosophical journey of understanding how the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) can also give rise to hazards to humanity as it arrives.

7. World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech

Author: Franklin Foer

About this book

Through this book, the author reveals collaborative aspects of information technology and how it can lead to the end of individualism. The author also argues how information technology can effectively take over an individual’s thought process and even make the decision for the individuals.

8. Soonish

Authors: Zach Weiner and Dr. Kelly Weinersmith

About this book

The illustrator, through this book, provides insights as to how to progress through technology will be made in the near future. This book contains various facts, slightly combined with humor, just like a web comic book. The book focuses on the various technologies which can play a significant role both in the improvement as well as the destruction of everything. It creates a sole idea that is filled with information that will make you read this book over and over again.

9. The Inevitable

Author: Kevin Kelly

About this book

Kevin Kelly, the author of this non-fiction book, tries to explain how the twelve technological forces can subsequently change our world in the next thirty years. The author also talks about how the future of technology can impact our lives and our privacy, generally and personally.

10. The Second Machine Age

Author: Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

About this book

This book is a sequel to the authors’ previous book called Race Against the Machine. The book The Second Machine Age sheds insights to the readers about how the digital technologies are transforming our economy, which has just begun, and how it will make its way toward progression. Also considering the fact that the massive innovation in technology is going to radically reshape our world.

11. Rise of the Robots

Author: Martin Ford

About this book

The author, through his futuristic, non-fiction book, carefully discusses the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in workplaces and the threats that these technologies can pose on humans and take away their jobs. In this book, the author also talks about social and economic disruptions which might take place in the near future and which might also affect the lives of many people.

12. Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Expect Less From Each Other

Author: Sherry Turkle

About this book

The author of the book Alone Together tries to bring out the contrast of the modern life and its relationship with the new forms of technologies which are keeping everyone digitally connected but through simulations. Here, it shows how it is easier to engage and avoid people through the means of the technology platform.

13. Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age

Author: Leslie Berlin

About this book

The book is about how the Silicon Valley’s high-tech industries are shaping the future and are laying the foundation for today’s technology-driven world. The book also includes discussions on the five most valuable and high-tech firms that are totally dependent on technology and artificial intelligence (AI), and without which they cannot survive.

14. Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies

Author: Calestous Juma

About this book

This book provides insights into the many debates and discussions over new technologies where exponential advances in technology signal to hope and fear and also leading to public controversies. It also debates in context to the risks of moral values, human health, environmental safety and socio-economic considerations that are left unacknowledged.

15. Dawn of The New Everything: Encounters With Reality and Virtual Reality

Author: Jaron Lanier

About this book

This book is an inventive blend of autobiography, science writing, philosophy and advice from the author. Through this book, the author talks about his personal as well as professional experiences and his views on the virtual reality technology. The book is also a look at what it means to be human at a moment of unprecedented technological possibility while giving the readers a new perspective on how the human brain and mind connect to the world.


These books can change your views and opinions and how you can sustain your life with or without technology.