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social media platforms

Business marketing is important, and for that purpose, Instagram should be used. This social media platform has gained immense popularity recently, and thus it has become the center of attraction for the business marketers. Now, the well-known fashion brands or retailers are doing well with this social media platform. Small-scale businesses often trouble a lot.

They face a lot of difficulties in using this social media platform. They come across certain problems or issues when managing a business marketing campaign. In such a scenario, people need deep knowledge on Instagram. That is why a few crucial facts are furnished in the following section. Knowing these facts will help your business to grow seamlessly.

Knowing the facts about Instagram related to your fashion industry will help you to gain confidence in the marketing process for your business. Eventually, your business will start growing. A lot of improvements to your business can be noted easily.

Fact 1: Fashion Industry Is Benefitted through Instagram

When it comes to business marketing with Instagram, fashion has been found to be the most successful niche for business. Renowned fashion brands receive approximately 16000 likes and 102 comments on every post. This is obviously average data of the renowned fashion brands or retail stores for clothes as well as fashionable items. The picture is completely different for the other businesses. They also tend to do well through Instagram, but they often come across some issues or problems. But, the journey for the fashion industry is quite seamless on this social media website so far.

Big fishes of the fashion industry are doing well on this social media platform. Small e-commerce fashion stores may struggle at the beginning, but the journey would also get smoother for them on this social media platform as they continue finding different business marketing aspects. Social media for the fashion industry has a lot of benefits. So, startup fashion business or e-commerce store owners featuring fashion related products would immensely be benefitted with this social media website.

Fact 2: Instagram Is Real-Time Crowd Puller

It is believed that business marketing can get enjoyable as well as seamless when it has been done through business marketing or promotional platform like Instagram. Being a real-time crowd pulling social media website, it can definitely help an online business to find more visitors to the website. Now, a higher number of visitors can always lead to the chance of getting a higher number of buyers. The conversion rate of the visitors into buyers increases with effective business marketing strategies, like discounts for the first-time buyers, cash back offers, freebies and many more.

So, with Instagram, it is possible to get more website visitors. But, at the same time, it is important to understand that this social media platform has certain drawbacks. It is not a microblogging platform where text-based contents can frequently be shared. Creative contents, especially multimedia contents, are demanded by the Instagram followers. So, if your business cannot show up the creativity, it would not get the required exposure. You need to create more attention-grabbing contents, like interactive videos, creative posters, interesting photos, etc.

Fact 3: Busting Business Marketing Myths with Instagram

With Instagram, a few myths have been integrated at different points in time. All these myths suggest that people have the wrong impression on this social media platform. If you do not know this social media platform well, you are bound to come across technical issues. Not knowing different aspects of Instagram will let you not to make optimum use of this tool. Due to all these reasons, it is important to find different aspects of Instagram. Nevertheless, the commonly associated myths with this social media platform should be discarded. Here are some common myths with this social media platform.

  • Instagram for Youths Only:

Though primarily perceived as a platform for young people, Instagram is not all about the young generation of people. Persons belonging to different age groups have an association with Instagram. Fashion is not related to any age, though it attracts young people mostly. Instagram is a perfect web platform to talk about a business related to fashion industry. The platform encourages creativity, and it is also poised with people of different ages.

  • Not Text for Instagram Marketing:

Many people have the strict impression that texts are futile in this social website. They only fruitful thing is a photo as well as video. Well, not long texts but small texts can be considered important for the purpose of social media marketing with Instagram. Small texts, especially hashtags texts canary immense business marketing values.

  • Costly Business marketing Campaign:

Since creative contents are required to be created for business marketing with Instagram, it is perceived quite commonly that Instagram marketing is a matter of high expenses. It is true expenses are there, but when compared that with return it has been clearly found that it is worth to go for social media marketing with Instagram.

Fact 4: Creativity Is Required for Conducting the Campaign

Not just creative contents, but creativity is imperative to conduct the campaign with precision. For example, the campaign should focus on giving a story to the social media followers. Every post should be a part of that story. It is also important to see how most of the successful online businesses in the fashion industry are using Instagram. Getting inspired by them is the best thing that you can do for your business.

Fact 5: Ethical Marketing Fetches Success

If your business campaign is misleading and wrongly planned, it would not be as effective as you would have anticipated. To make your business marketing seamless as well as productive, you need to focus on ethical business marketing campaigning. Maintaining business marketing ethics is the most important thing. Misleading people will have nothing but a negative impression and loss of trust in your business.


The fashion industry and Instagram are closely related these days. Instagram is a social media website where people are encouraged to share creative contents. The field of fashion is also closely connected to creativity. Hence, using Instagram for fashion related business promotional activities is highly helpful or rewarding.