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Many of you must be wondering how to find the secret key to become Instagram famous. If you are aspiring for more and more followers on this popular social media platform, you require creating a stunning Instagram feed. You also need to concentrate on effective ways of getting all your pictures noticed. And most importantly, if you are on the way to achieving Instagram name and fame, you must necessarily engage with numerous other Instagrammers.

In this guide, you would be discovering how to attain Instagram fame in just three simple and easy steps. Come and explore how you could really get famous on this platform and gain remarkably more genuine and dedicated followers who would really be appreciating your photography.

Create a Splendid Instagram Feed

Knowing how to achieve Instagram fame involves a number of key factors. However, the most important factor is to devote a lot of hard work and put in dedicated thoughts and endeavors to make your Instagram profile appear really stunning. Nobody would be following an Instagram profile that showcases poor quality pictures. If your objective is to display your photographic skills, you must use pictures that look simply mind-blowing.  You must always remember that it is a wiser move to post nothing than deciding to post a really bad picture.

You must, first of all, upload around 15 to 20 stunning pictures from your collection of best pictures. If you do not currently have so many spectacular pictures, keep working in that direction. You must ensure that you are posting only high-resolution eye-catching pictures. If you are just getting started on Instagram, it is a wise decision to enhance your iPhone photography skills first.

You must keep in mind that most people would only be following photographers who showcase fascinating pictures. Once you are able to gain a sound knowledge of iPhone photography, you must understand the kind of photos that you would ultimately be sharing.

To enhance your photography, it is important for you to focus on creating pictures with exceptional composition. Consider learning ways to effectively use light for creating more dramatic and splendid pictures.

Are you still wondering what the best way of becoming Instagram famous is? You must learn ways to effectively use the camera settings. You may even think of using a relatively more cutting-edge iPhone camera app.

Start editing your Instagram pictures with a nice photo editor application to make sure that the pictures are looking great enough to share. You may devote more time to boost your photography skills and that would ultimately pay off in your quest for Instagram fame.

Always remember that certain kinds of pictures really do well on this social media platform.  According to experts, beach photos, silhouettes, reflections, and sunsets get the maximum likes. Generally, portrait pictures are not so popular on Instagram.

Make Sure that Your Instagram Pictures Are Noticed

Once you have done your bit by uploading some amazing photos, your focus should be on attracting everyone’s attention. Your ultimate intention is to get maximum Instagram followers, Instagram likes, as well as, comments.

Moreover, you could buy Instagram likes to boost your chances of becoming famous. Remember to reach out first of all, to all your current followers and friends from all other social media platforms.  Since those guys already know you and acknowledge your photography skills, they would be becoming your followers on Instagram. You must, therefore, share a post or send a message inviting your friends from other social media accounts to follow you here on Instagram.

You got to reach a wider audience by using hashtags. Adding hashtags while posting pictures implies that your picture would be showing up in hashtag feeds of Instagram. You could be adding a hashtag simply by using the caption box while you are posting a picture.

You need to type, the hashtag symbol followed by the right word for describing your picture. Another smart way of getting your pictures in front of a wider audience is by following numerous people. Try finding somebody with pictures just like yours and follow his/her followers. They would get a notification that you are actually following them. Then many of those individuals would be tempted to check out your Instagram profile. They may start following you in return.

You must remember that becoming famous on Instagram does not only involve following others, it also requires you to interact actively with all the individuals you are following. If you are following a person and not liking or commenting on his pictures, you would regard as a ghost follower.

You could get much better results by commenting on pictures of individuals you seem to be following. This would go a long way in letting them understand that you are a real follower. Moreover, you and your pictures would surely be noticed by all those people you have been following so far.

Engage Effectively With All Your Instagram Followers

Everyone is overwhelmed by the need to boost Instagram followers. However, becoming Insta-famous does not rely solely on the number of followers you have on Instagram. It is certainly more important to keep your followers engaged and happy. You must focus on building a robust relationship with them and getting the most from your Instagram experience.

People must remember to post images regularly but not necessarily too frequently. You must abstain from posting too often. Moreover, avoid sharing a whole lot of pictures in one go. This would be taking up a considerable amount of space in your followers’ feeds and is not advisable.


Concentrate on quality rather than quantity. It is best to share great pictures only, even if that implies posting less frequently. If you wish to become Instagram famous, you must necessarily be nice to all your followers. Get into the habit of responding to their questions and comments promptly.

You must appreciate the fact that your followers would please and they would remain engaged provided you interacted actively with all of them. Nothing could be more fruitful and rewarding than creating Instagram relationships with all your followers on this platform and going on to effectively fortifying the bond.