Productive Hobbies

Productive Hobbies

Childhood and teenage are undoubtedly the best years of life, the time when we get the opportunity to explore ourselves, what we enjoy, and what we aspire to become. Hobbies and extracurricular activities play a significant role in the mental development of children and help them identify new skills that academics wouldn’t.

However, due to the advent of technology, kids in this age are often glued to their iPads and tablets and don’t get a chance to discover their real potential. As they grow up, the pressure of achieving high grades and getting accepted into a reputable college takes up most of their time. Many people (like me) end up making the wrong career choices only due to peer pressure and not knowing what inspires their drive.

So if you want to identify and nurture your child’s natural talents, provide them an opening to develop. Unless the hidden creativity in your little painter gets the opportunity to flair through. It may remain suppressed throughout his/her life. And what can be a better way to provide your kids the chance to discover what they truly enjoy, then to try out various activities together.

Here is a list of 5 productive hobbies that can strengthen your bond with the children while enabling them to discover their talents. However, these are not all, there are tons of other activities that you can try out with their kids from caring for the pets (feeding the dog, playing with the chirpy birds or petting the cat,) dancing, photography, gardening, or maybe try out different sports.

Play Music

If you think your child has a flair for music than exposing him to it at an early age can be quite beneficial. Your child may develop an interest in playing an instrument or singing by hearing it. Therefore attending a music class together might do the job. You can also visit concerts or music festivals with your kids. If you are passionate about playing a specific instrument or singing. Then let your inner musician out and arrange music-making activities with your kids.


Who doesn’t love food? Well most of us are passionate about dining out, exploring new eateries and trying out different types of cuisines. Won’t it be a good idea to get our little chefs to experience the labor that goes into creating the delicacies they devour at mealtime?

After all eating it after you put your efforts, heart, and soul into it is the best feeling ever. After the popularity of culinary reality shows and celebrity chefs becoming icons. More teens are inclined towards exploring the kitchen as a place where they would like to build their career. So do try the activity with your little ones will also be a good idea.

Explore the City

Many times, our children mainly the teenagers are often unable to realize their interests. In spite of trying out multiple activities, they complain about finding everything dull and spark-less. Well, if that’s the case, then help your kids discover their hobbies by taking them along to museums, festivals, etc. For families that don’t get to spend time together, excursions like these can be beneficial for strengthening their bond while fostering interests in their kids.

Reading and Writing

There are numerous benefits of reading to your little ones. It helps them academically as children who listen to their parents read to them can develop better reading abilities and improve their language skills & fluency.

Reading to your child may also enable them to discover other hobbies. They may even grow an interest in writing or acting as they grow up. And as they say, books are a man’s best companion; what would be better than spending some part of your day with these fantastic friends.

Arts and Crafts

If you think your child can create magic, try out some DIY craft projects with them. Such as, jewelry making or upcycling old items to create home decor. It will provide you a chance to see what his core skills are- whether he/she can be a painter, architect or what particular activity would be best to utilize their talent.